Volkswagen: “chip shortage will continue until at least 2024” |

Volkswagen: “chip shortage will continue until at least 2024” |

ahaThe chip shortage, which the auto industry largely advertised itself, has not been resolved. While it seems that Chinese car brands in particular are controlling their supply at the moment, European car brands in particular continue to struggle with shortages. Investments are being made in production closer to home, but that takes time. Volkswagen expects the shortage to continue until 2023. So it joins several other brands. The situation appears to be stable, but “structural deficits will continue in the next two years.”

More suppliers to enable a more robust supply chain

At Volkswagen, semiconductors mainly came from South Korean manufacturers. But recently it signed an agreement with STMicroelectronics of Europe and TSMC of Taiwan. This should make delivery more reliable in the long run.

Up to a loss of 100 billion

Autonews estimates that production of new cars fell by 10 million units last year due to chip shortages. This year the situation should be better and the worldwide production loss is estimated at only 4 million cars. Damage calculations vary widely depending on the source. Earlier this week, the insurer Allianz published an estimated loss of 100 billion in sales.