Volkswagen Financial Services with a new car financing offer

Volkswagen Financial Services with a new car financing offer

According to a study conducted by Opinion24 on behalf of the Skoda brand, in the next 10 years drivers will choose to rent as a means of using the car more often. As 25 percent of them are of the opinion that – due to the rise in inflation and uncertainty in the market – renting is a more profitable solution than taking a loan to buy a car. Thanks to public opinion polls, companies can understand the needs of their customers better and better, which is why they can respond to them in an appropriate way. An interesting example that fits the current trends of using, without owning, is the Leasing product – a new type of car financing in the Volkswagen Financial Services range.

Practical rental

Renting from VW FS is a solution that allows one to use the car freely. VW FS offers services, which include: car insurance, full service package, the possibility of using a replacement car in the event of breakdown or damage of vehicles, assistance or damage management service. As part of the Rental product, it is also possible to choose a package of summer and winter tires and their seasonal replacement or storage. An additional convenience is the customer portal. Users can check on it, among others, the monthly payment schedule, download electronic invoices or permits to travel abroad by car and other important documents.

The growing popularity of subscription services and models that allow you to enjoy products without buying them is more and more confidently moving into the world of cars. As Volkswagen Financial Services, a leader in modern mobility, we are fully responsive to changing customer trends and behaviors. Therefore, we decided to introduce the Rental product. We have bundled many features and solutions into one fixed monthly fee. We want every driver to be able to use the car without stress, without worrying about hidden costs and unexpected costs

– says Michał Dyc, Director of the Sales Department at Volkswagen Financial Services.

Volkswagen Financial Services photo by VW

Mobility guarantee

Leasing from VW FS is available to all drivers – even those who cannot afford the down payment. Customers can use the car they were given and exchange it for another one after two years, without having to worry about selling it on the secondary market.

The first car manufacturer whose models are available for lease is Skoda. For example, Skoda Kamiq – thanks to Skoda Najem All Inclusive and a contract signed for 3 years – is available to private customers for a total of PLN 1,700, and for companies for PLN 1203 net per month. Calculations are based on an annual limit of 20 thousand km and 10% down payment. On the other hand, for the ŠKODA Scala model, based on the same criteria, the monthly fee for private customers will be PLN 1607 net, and for companies – PLN 1307 net.