Volkswagen Group France is confident for 2023

Volkswagen Group France is confident for 2023

The Volkswagen France car group has an order for 110,000 cars in the balance of 2022. An amount that brings hope for 2023. An important year in which agent contracts will be sent in the group’s networks but also where expectations in terms of market share. they are strong.

From left to right: Dorothée Bonassies, director of Skoda France, Ghislain Laffite, director of Volkswagen VU, Marc Ouayoun, director of Audi France, Xavier Chardon, president of the group in France, Robert Breschkow, director of Seat and Cupra and Gerrit Heimberg. Director of Volkswagen France.

With a portfolio of orders totaling 110,000 new cars, group Volkswagen in France expects this new year under good power. Among the common projects for all products, there are especially a redesign of the VO Das Welt Auto label. The latter will disappear to make way for programs dedicated to each brand, thus browsing the notoriety of each of them. But above all, these labels will enable customers to benefit from a five-year warranty.

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Insurance that will help restore the value of the group’s used cars, also improving their residual value. “We are in a period of inflation and we must address this issue“, he explained Xavier ChardonChairman of the Group Management Board in France. The already visible increase in our residual values ​​helps us reduce inflation and will allow us to restore purchasing power by reducing our taxes. But also by establishing maintenance contracts available for all models from 9 euros per month.

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Skoda is reducing some of its taxes

This large reach is already visible in the Skoda brand, which has decided to leave 4% for the Fabia, whose residual value has increased by six points in particular in 2022. The Enyaq should follow the same movement in the future. Skoda, which has 20,000 orders in its portfolio, has positioned itself target of 40,000 registrations in 2023 and a market share of 2.3%. As a reminder, the brand finished 2022 with a volume of 28,904 units, down 4.9% and a share of 1.9% on the French market.

Volkswagen wants to regain a market share of 7%.

The Volkswagen brand also shows rising expectations. The name, which recorded a volume of 97,292 new cars (-7.6%) and a share of 6.4% in France, is now aiming for a penetration of 7%. “Our order backlog stands at 41,000 vehicles but we already have a stock of 20,000 vehicles ready for shipment.“, Explain Gerrit Heimbergdirector of Volkswagen in France.

Brand, which will be used on electric models a new fake agency contract, it also calls for a redesign of the points of sale and especially more digitization of the latter. So showrooms will see an increase in digital tools (totems, screens, 3D projectors, interactive stations) that will be the responsibility of distributors for a rent of between 500 and 1,000 euros per month. The network, which shows a profit of 1.5% in 2022 (compared to 1.1% in 2021), will also have to invest to build a network of superchargers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The latter should benefit from Avere’s support for a network that should reach 300 stations by the end of 2023.

Audi wants to go to market

This new year also marks a new beginning for the Audi brand, which it welcomes its new director in the person of Marc Ouayoun, former director of Porsche France. The latter intends to use his experience to apply the high-end market from Audi to the world of luxury.