Volkswagen ID.5 Pro Performance in the test

Volkswagen ID.5 Pro Performance in the test

First of all, manufacturers are gradually starting to offer a variety of electric vehicles. Volkswagen is a good example. In 2020, the Volkswagen ID3 arrived, the brand’s first electric car with a unique platform for this propulsion system. A year later, the Volkswagen ID4 arrived in a modern SUV design. Obviously the next arrival is the Volkswagen ID5, which is the subject of today’s test, the Volkswagen ID.5 Pro Performance.

While its predecessors are, shall we say, discreet, the ID.5 adds a touch of passion to the ID family. It’s a coupé-style version of the ID.4, a vehicle type that the Wolfsburg-based company has yet to work on SUVs beyond the Taigo.

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The trunk of many electric SUVs is smaller than that of their internal combustion engine counterparts. This is because the engine is under the wheel in the rear position. Volkswagen offers three versions of the ID.5:

  • ID.5 Pro: Delivers 128 kW (174 hp). It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 10.4 seconds.
  • ID.5 Pro Performance: With 150 kW (204 hp), it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.4 seconds.
  • ID.5 GTX: It has the 204 kW (204 hp) engine of the previous model, but adds another 80 kW (109 hp) engine on the front axle for an output of 220 kW (299 hp) with four-wheel drive. It completes 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.3 seconds and has a limited top speed of 180 km/h (160 km/h).

However, all three versions have the same battery, with a total capacity of 82 kWh (77 kWh net) and which promises a range of 514 kilometers before recharging. Where? In converting current and on-board charger up to 11 kW and fast charging in DC up to 135 kW.

Thanks to improved aerodynamics, the car promises a fuel consumption of 17 kWh / 100 km, slightly better than the ID.4 (which is estimated at 17.4 kWh / 100 km).

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