Volkswagen ID Buzz: an interesting combination of emotion and business

Volkswagen ID Buzz: an interesting combination of emotion and business

Ah, that Volkswagen car, aka Transporter or Bulli. How a simple company car became a precious symbol of the good old days, spartan but worthy. Enthusiasts love the first generation car, the T1 model launched in 1950, for which Dutch VW importer Ben Pon made his famous design in 1947. I saw a dealer asking 149,500 euros for a so-called Samba bus from 1955, a passenger version with side windows. attractive scenery above the side windows. Thirty horse power provides the rear Beetle engine. He is worth nothing to you. It’s too slow for the highway, uncontrollable in the city. He stinks to the wind for an hour. On the other hand, he does not have a car meters after buying. It can go up in value without moving in a hot shed, although I see a drop in price approaching in my coffee grounds.

VW has learned one thing from investors: nostalgia is a golden business. A reassuring idea, when the brand decided to bring a stylish hole to the market. That can be an expensive job. For a reasonable range, such a large object had to have a large, heavy battery. Its weight can have a negative effect on the loading capacity that allowed cargo and occupants. Stricter safety requirements would add more price and weight. At the same time, after all the investments in technology and ingenuity, he had to remain profitable.

Fortunately, they were able to park the bus company cheaply on the existing MEB platform for electric VWs. You know the 204 hp electric motor and 77 kWh battery pack from all the biggest plug-in cars in the VW range, from the VW ID.4 to the Skoda Enyaq. Even then you reach the amount that purchasing power on large BMWs and SUVs consumes. The cheapest five-seater VW ID Buzz costs 69,990 euros. You have Teslas or BMW i4 for that, Kia EV6 GT with 585 hp, Enyaq Coupé loaded with goodies. Buzz can only challenge those suggestions with the interesting combination of emotion and business that made the T1 so heartwarming.

Success. VW has styled the car with a snowy aura in the background, a toy-like digital interior and a serenely rugged exterior. Two sliding doors, nice. The stubby nose despite being on a bus winks at the LED, which of course should have been rounded, with a nice feature bearing that big VW logo. A monumental grille fills what appears to be a bumper, but in the Buzzje it creates a solid yet playful car. The drag coefficient is very low at 0.285.


But is it still a bus? The real Buzz, in the spirit of Ben Pon, is a commercial vehicle variant without side windows and back seats for 46 grand. The passenger version is a different beast with its folding, even removable rear seat. In terms of spatial planning, this Buzz is not lacking. Large storage bins for charging cables fill a space-consuming gap under the raised, removable floor that had to fit with the rear seats folded down. There is no third row of seats. The ID Buzz seems to be the revival of the almost extinct MPV, an elevated station wagon for large families. On the other hand, no MPV offers five passengers without having to fold 1,121 liters of storage space. So then anyway.

In that position he could change more. You missed the individual sliding and removable seats in VW’s last regular passenger bus, the wonderful Multivan hybrid. VW has no room for games like this. Due to the ongoing chip shortage, production is already a non-routine task. sun roof? Sorry. Third row of seats? Later. Each variant option reduces the rendering speed. Build the cars first, the more uniform the better.

In the introductory flight, the power turns out to be more than enough for the weight of the space vehicle of two and a half tons. Although the mass is stiff on speed bumps, the Buzz is neither slow nor efficient. With a quiet driving style, consumption drops to 19 to 20 kWh per 100 km, better than VW’s promises. Its small turning circle makes it surprisingly easy to maneuver. And see him with his two-tone body, which combines a white upper body with a lower body in forgotten colors; orange, yellow, green, or blue. Priceless, literal and figurative. However, it struck me, the car that does not smell and drives beautifully. This is the first bus in which big users keep hands clean. Although I can imagine that a bus person would prefer to buy a Multivan, 15 mille as cheap and versatile as a passenger bus can be. Stop first at the gym, those detachable armchairs are too heavy. But after your Multivan workout, you’ll have a flat cargo floor to kiss.