Volkswagen is focusing on the development of autonomous driving

Volkswagen is focusing on the development of autonomous driving

Volkswagen is focusing its development activities on autonomous and highly automated driving. In the area of ​​autonomous driving as a service (MaaS/TaaS), the group is consolidating its development partnerships. Volkswagen will no longer invest in Argo AI. In the field of personal mobility, Carad is driving the development of advanced automation and autonomous driving together with Bosch and in the future in China with Horizon Robotics.

Oliver Blume, CEO of Volkswagen AG: “Attention and speed are the main considerations, especially when developing the technologies of the future. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible performance

Delivering services as early as possible in time and keeping our development as cost-effective as possible.”

The development of autonomous driving is a core part of the Volkswagen NEW AUTO strategy. Within the Group, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is responsible for implementing these developments specifically for the areas of Mobility and Transportation as a Service (MaaS/TaaS), while the technology company Carad is responsible for the development of partial and automated driving functions (up to SAE). . Level 4) for group passenger car brands. Together with development partners, the two companies are pushing forward the development of autonomous driving technology.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles continues to expand partnerships

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWN) is expanding its partnership with a partner to develop technology for its autonomous fleet. This will be announced soon. Identification with appropriate equipment. Buzz prototypes are already in the pilot program with this partner.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ goal for driverless driving remains the same: in 2025, customers should be able to use a self-driving ID card. Buzz can book in Hamburg.
Christian Senger, Member of the Management Board of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, responsible for MaaS/TaaS and AD (Mobility and Transport as a Service; Autonomous Driving) explains: “As part of the cooperation with another partner, the cooperation within the group to develop the operation automatic and autonomous.”

Carad continues to develop Level 3 operational performance for automotive group brands and partners

Carad will continue to advance the development of automated driving for personal mobility in the Automation Alliance with Bosch. Companies want to make semi-automated and advanced operations more accessible and accessible to everyone.

The aim is to provide functions for vehicles from the Volkswagen Group brand groups that allow drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel at times. These are advanced driver assistance systems, called Level 2 systems, for city, country and highway, in which the driver is fully supported by the vehicle, as well as a system that
the car takes full responsibility for driving on the road (SAE Level 3). The first works will be carried out in 2023.

For the Chinese market, Carad also plans to partner with Horizon Robotics to promote regional autonomous driving development in one of the world’s most important growth markets. In the hardware area, the group has also entered into a partnership with Qualcomm for high-performance chips for automatic driving.

Continued recruitment of Argo AI staff

Volkswagen is partnering with Argo AI to provide staff retention and develop the most promising autonomous driving projects.

All other partnerships with Ford will remain unchanged.