Volkswagen is recalling 35,000 ID.4s for a major door defect

Volkswagen is recalling 35,000 ID.4s for a major door defect

Volkswagen has just confirmed a recall of more than 35,000 ID.4s. As of early April 2023, these vehicles are affected by a design issue with the doors, which can be opened at low speeds.

Credit: Volkswagen

If Volkswagen is still far from equaling Tesla in this area, memories have been linked over the past six months for the German manufacturer. Indeed, we have just learned that the brand has recently moved on returned to more than 35,000 ID.4 in the United States.

As the report from NHTSA (the US federal road safety agency) notes, all the vehicles involved were manufactured at the German Zwickau site for the US market, between December 2020 and December 2022.

The doors can be opened at low speed

According to the manufacturer, These electric SUVs must go to the dealer due to a serious problem with the security doors. Indeed, some door handles may be made of components that do not conform to the brand’s standards. results, clogging problems may occur.That part may allow moisture to enter the electronic board in the door handleā€¯, says Volkswagen.

And you will understand, this water infiltration can cause a short circuit and causing the door to open when the car turns at low speed (less than 15 km / h). According to NHTSA, these defective door handles were manufactured by a Czech Dealer: WITTE Automotive.

A similar issue was released in April 2023

If this malfunction reminds you of something, it is normal. In April 2023, Volkswagen recalled 16,000 ID.4s for the same problem, with the difference that the cars in question were produced at the Chattanooga site (Tennessee, USA). Note in passing that Volkswagen has decided to transfer the production of IDs. 4 targeting the US market at this plant in July 2022, after that a huge investment of 800 million dollars.

According to NHTSA, Volkswagen’s partner garages will inspect the doors of the affected vehicles free of charge and replace them if necessary. A software update will also be released. modify the parameters of the connected electronic card. For reference, so this is the 5th recall in six months for the volkswagen id.4.

In January 2023, a small number of electric SUVs were recalled for a fault in the 12V battery charging cable. A month later, a bug in the battery management software forced Volkswagen to issue another recall of more than 20,000 ID.4s.