Volkswagen Polo GTi 2024: price, test and technical data sheet

Volkswagen Polo GTi 2024: price, test and technical data sheet

High-end technical equipment, low weight and a powerful 207 HP 2.0 turbo petrol engine that provides warmth and fun. Volkswagen Polo GTi test, price and technical data sheet

April 18 – 10.53 am – SALICE TERME (PV)

“Mini Golf”, has often been said to mean the Volkswagen Polo. And there is a grain of truth, because with a height of about 410 cm it has reached the height of its older sister about twenty years ago. The GTI, then, has 207 HP and 320 Nm of torque thanks to the same 2.0 Tsi installed in the C segment: 38 HP less but also an advantage, in terms of weight, of 177 kg. In short, the curiosity to try the Volkswagen Polo Gti – for consider the Golf Gti for a comparison of all families – of course there is.

Volkswagen Polo GTi: how it is made, design

The sixth generation of the Volkswagen Polo Gti redesign presents itself as a compact car with a sporty design given off by the wheels, plenty of Gti detailing and red detailing. By the way: there are five colors available: pastel white in the picture, then three metallics (red, blue and gray) and finally black pearl. All colors can be combined with a different black roof (optional, 285 euros). As standard there are 17 rims on 215/45 tires, but 18 rims on 215/40 tires are optional. From an aesthetic point of view, the GTi differs from the base version due to the honeycomb patterned grille, special GTi badges on the front and on the tailgate, split fog lamps, red lines on the grille and on the bipartite. exhaust pipe. The front is very exciting too thanks to the thin LED “line” connecting the headlights. The latter is an LED IQ.Light matrix. The taillights are also new, also LED, with an animated stop light and integrated power direction indicators.

Volkswagen Polo GTi: how it is made, interior

The interior is practical and smart with a sporty touch provided by the GTi badge on the steering wheel, red stitching in contrast to the standard GTi design of the seats. Physical buttons on the steering wheel have been restored, more practical than touch. The gear change pads are small and the logic of the gear lever is physically opposite if you choose to use the latter in manual mode by moving the lever to the right. In the lower part of the dashboard there is a lot of plastic, but where it matters most it is soft, like on the dashboard. The seats are very comfortable, maybe too close to those of a regular Polo, and the seat is high and not sporty. With a length of 407 cm there is enough space for four adults, and a trunk of 305 liters that can reach 1,079 with the seats folded. The technology aspect is excellent: the touch infotainment system is simple, fluid and intuitive. It also connects to Apple Car Play (or Android Auto) wirelessly in the blink of an eye. The digital dashboard allows you to control all the parameters in a simple and personal way, while the safety includes, among other things, the activation of cruise control, lane assistance and forward assistance.

Volkswagen Polo GTi: how it is done, methods

Under the bonnet we find a 2-liter turbo gasoline inline four-cylinder – engine code EA888 – from the Volkswagen group. In this configuration it produces 207 HP and 320 Nm of torque and is connected to a standard 7-speed DSG automatic transmission with sequential mode and front-wheel drive with an electronically controlled limited slip differential. Performance announced by the company suggests a top speed of 240 km/h and acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 6.5 seconds. All weighing just 1,286 kg. To improve the power characteristics, German engineers reduced the ride height by 15 mm compared to the regular Polo and strengthened the chassis.

Volkswagen Polo GTi: how it works

The truth is that the Volkswagen Polo Gti does everything well: it is practical, comfortable and also very fast through the bends. Going in order: there’s enough space for four adults and a moderate amount of luggage space for the B-segment, all visible buttons are bright and accessible and navigating the infotainment system is child’s play. Apple Car Play without cable pairs instantly and everything works as it should, except for the introduction charging socket which works intermittently, like in many other cars. Comfort is perhaps the most surprising: the seat is very comfortable, perhaps more so because it is a GTI. A more covering seat and a lower seat, at the expense of some comfort, would be better. The technological equipment is of high quality, because in addition to having the second level of driving assistance (including cruise control and lane assistance) there are also high counter beams that allow a high level of visibility at night, without illuminating those arriving in the opposite direction but maintaining as high a light as possible when permitted. And then the most important aspect, that of sports. Although it is more fun than its older sister Golf Gti because of the weight of 1,286 kg that gives it lightness and driveability, the construction philosophy is the same: it has less character, also because of the presence of an electronic device instead. What is the difference between the locking mechanism? The gear lever is appreciated, but the logic is the opposite of the physical: to engage the gear you push the lever forward instead of back and vice versa, and movements that would be more normal on the contrary, when accelerating and stopping. In addition, there is no “kick” back when moving, equal to smooth running at the expense of a little fun. When pressed for several kilometers, the Polo GTi always responds, with a temperature that does not rise excessively and with a balanced, balanced setting that allows you to go fast without worrying too much about uneven terrain. This is not the case with other direct rivals, perhaps less “rounded” but more of a racing character.

Volkswagen Polo GTi: conclusion

In short, an all-round sports car that can raise a smile in the bends (albeit less pronounced than what some of its direct rivals can do) and ensure comfort and reasonable width when needed. A better compromise that can probably only be ensured in part B, because once the test is over, you realize that there are many benefits. All with low consumption: it is known, of course, that the Tsi 2.0 from the VW group is an economical engine. On the Polo, with a weight of not even 1,300 kg, a legitimate combo emerges thanks to which it is possible to record an average consumption of 14-15 km / l. They are 8 km / l if you put your foot on the accelerator (but it is difficult to go below this threshold except on the track), they change to 18 km / l when traveling following the flow of traffic in Eco mode. Pricing needs to be discussed separately: the Polo GTi, like other Volkswagen models, has seen its price increase significantly in recent years. Now we start from 33,400 euros, but with several options it is easy to overcome the wall of 35,000 euros. Considering around 2,000 euros for the 7-speed DSG, this is a high cost for absolute value, but within the standards of the B segment with more than 200 HP, even more with this kind of technology equipment.

Volkswagen Polo GTi: advantages and disadvantages

Below is what we liked the most and what convinced us the least about the Volkswagen Polo GTi.

  • Usage: “daily” is suitable for use 7 days a week, without worrying about the use and very difficult setup in holes, ridges, stone stones. Plus comfort is a feature that other sports cars lack;
  • Agility: the car is very good around bends, although you can’t feel all the roughness of the surface. It moves in a composed manner and inspires confidence in the driver;
  • Equipment: adaptive cruise control, lane assist, front assist, Apple Car Play and Android Auto wireless, dual display but above all, the best lighting comes from the Matrix LED lights that work well at night. Technology, the last, which is a rarity in a small car. Total high quality equipment;
  • Engine: smooth and complete delivery, the engine is always ready to deliver what the driver asks for immediately. And it is also believable;
  • Usage: Tsi 2.0, for the type of engine, does not use anything. Moreover, the weight of less than 1,300 kg, is better than other cars of the VW group.
  • Refined: yes sporty but not up to the point of being considered a luxury car. Comfort and technical equipment are excellent, it does everything well but it is on the same lines as the Golf GTi: better harmony, giving less impression;
  • Gearbox: although the 7-speed DSG is always a valid partner, as with all VW group cars the logic of engaging with the downshift of the gear lever is backwards. In addition, the paddles behind the steering wheel are small and when shifting you feel any “kick” behind you. Good news for a smooth ride and comfort, but we are talking about a compact sports car … Finally, there is no manual variant for the purists;
  • Seat: far too comfortable, up and down, not too sporty.

Volkswagen Polo GTi: technical data sheet

Volkswagen Polo GTi: technical data sheet

Engine inline four cylinder turbo petrol, 1,984 cc, 16 valves
Maximum power 207 HP between 4,600 and 6,000 rpm
Maximum torque 320 Nm between 1,500 and 4,400 rpm
Change 7-speed DSG automatic with sequential mode
Tension front and electronically controlled locking differential
Performance maximum speed 240 km / h; acceleration 0-100 km/h in 6.5 seconds
Advertised usage 14.7 km/l
Usage is recorded not less than 7.5/8 km / l in Sport mode when pushing (not on the track); average over 14 km/l; 18 km/l in Eco following traffic flow in suburban areas
CO2 emissions 155 g/km
Measurements length 407 cm, width 175 cm, height 144 cm, wheelbase 255 cm, boot 305/1,079 liters, weight 1,286 kg
Tires 215/45-17” in series; 215/40-18” optional
Prezzo from 33,400 euros.