“Volkswagen presented financially and strategically”

“Volkswagen presented financially and strategically”

Despite the difficult environment, the Volkswagen Group has made great strides in its transformation into a sustainable provider of software-based mobility. Diess CEO said at the regular conference: “We presented it in 2021. Thanks to good crisis management, we have improved financially and strengthened our resilience. At the same time, we have made many significant improvements in the implementation of our NEW OTO strategy. also, we will move forward with diligence and reform, despite geographical and economic challenges. Our teams are committed to changing the world of mobility. “

In view of the achievements of the 2021 financial year and the positive operational results ahead of special EUR 20 billion special products, the Board of Directors and Board of Directors has recommended to the Annual General Meeting a dividend of EUR 7.50 per share and EUR 7.56 per share. stock preferences. it is bigger than in previous years.

The group’s online attacks have been successful in all primary markets

Changing the type of drive from combustion engines to electric vehicles is a key element of AUTO’s new strategy. Herbert Diess: “Today, our customers can buy an alternative to almost any type of electronics. This means that our selection of electric vehicles is greater than that of any other automotive company.”

The group’s online attacks are carried out at full speed in all primary markets. In Europe, every fourth electric vehicle (BEV) came from the Volkswagen Group in 2021. In the United States, the group acquired the BEV market share of about eight percent last year, which is almost double the combustion engines. More than two-thirds of the 17,000 ID.4 buyers were new customers. This year, the group will already be releasing eight BEV models there. In its largest market, China, the Group presented approximately 93,000 fully automated vehicles last year, more than four times by the year 2020. About 120 tags. City stores opened in China’s capitals are well received by customers.

Herbert Diess added: “We consider the electronic mobility business to be as profitable as our combustion engine business sooner than planned. Because we supply our equipment with electronic mobility, convert more and more plants and also sell our technology to competitors as Ford.

From left to right: Hans Dieter Pötsch, Chairman of the Volkswagen Group Management Board, Gunnar Kilian, Human Resources and Truck & Bus, Hauke ​​Stars, IT, Murat Aksel, Shopping, Oliver Blume, ‘Sport brand & Luxury ‘group, Dr. Arno Antlitz, Finance, Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen AG, Hildegard Wortmann, Sales, Ralf Brandstätter, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Dr. Manfred Döss, integrity and law, Markus Duesmann, the ‘Premium’ brand, and Thomas Schmall-von Westerholt, technology
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Changes in the technology group have made great strides

As part of AUTO’s NEW strategy, the Group has steadily developed its technology platforms.

More than 40 million vehicles will be built on the future of SSP (Scalable Systems Platform). Reducing the difficulty is an important issue here. In a successful pilot project in Kassel, the bulk of the cast replaces 30 individual parts. The use of this mechanism is being tested by Volkswagen Trinity.

In the central application area, an additional 1,000 developers were hired last year to run a bunch of group programs for free driving. Additional capabilities are also integrated with camera software developer Hella Aglaia and other technology companies. In addition, the group has entered into a partnership with Bosch to jointly accelerate the development of autonomous driving. “Bringing software development fully into the home is a completely new approach that will take two life cycles. In the automotive industry, that is 15 years,” says Herbert Diess.

In the area of ​​Battery and Charging, the Group recently announced the location of its third battery factory in Valencia, Spain, after Salzgitter and Skellefteå in Sweden. A total of six battery factories are planned by 2030. In addition, the uniform pricing model was introduced for volume products at more than 300,000 charge points. The first fast charging station was launched along with BP, and there should be 4,000 of them by 2024.

In the field of mobility resolution, the Group has embarked on experimental operations with Munich-based ships along with ARGO AI, thus achieving significant milestones. Free transport services will be provided in Hamburg from 2025. Europcar acquisition is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2022. It will form the basis of the Group’s mobility platform for the future. Customers will be able to use a variety of mobility versions very easily through the app, from mobility and car sharing for a few minutes to longer rental.
Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen AG
Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen AG
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Significant progress was also made in the area of ​​critical sustainability. Last year, CO2 production of a new car in the Group was reduced by 1.7 tons throughout the service life. In production, sustainable goals have been strengthened. By 2030, CO2 emissions there should be halved compared to 2018, previously 30 percent less planned. According to the Scientific Goals Program (SBTi), the Group therefore achieves a goal of 1.5 degrees in this area.

Volkswagen sponsors a globalized world and expands its global presence

According to Herbert Diess, the Ukrainian war questioned the order of the world. However, the swan song before the time of “transformation through trade” does not go far enough. The construction of barriers cannot be our answer. On the contrary: economic interdependence ensures that we speak to each other. such as a global climate catastrophe. ” The group will continue to focus on globalization and expand its presence in the world’s largest markets.

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