Volkswagen: price target 160 euros!  – SHAREHOLDER

Volkswagen: price target 160 euros! – SHAREHOLDER

Recently, Jefferies analyst Philippe Houchois was bullish on Volkswagen shares. Daniel Roeska von Bernstein, on the other hand, sees the development of the automaker’s share price more optimistically. In any case, the IPO of the sports car subsidiary should have a positive effect on Volkswagen.

After a meeting with investors, Jefferies analyst Philippe Houchois sees VW stock worth 115 euros. With a view to the upcoming IPO of luxury brand VW Porsche AG, they are divided between concern and confidence about the stock’s liquidity, according to Houchois .

Analyst Daniel Roeska from the American research firm Bernstein Research sees the performance of VW shares in the coming months as more positive.

The auto industry was in good shape in July, Roeska wrote in an industry survey. Prices continued to rise and sales increased, while discounts remained stable. At the same time, there are few distribution constraints. This should lead to a strong performance from manufacturers in the third quarter as well. However, these developments are at odds with key investor concerns about the energy crisis and the macroeconomic outlook. Its target price for the VW paper is 160 euros.

Undoubtedly, Volkswagen’s business can improve again, the markets in China and Europe improved again and had a positive effect on sales. However, the most significant factor affecting VW shares will be the IPO of sports car subsidiary Porsche.

According to the agreement between Volkswagen and the family owners, the share capital of Porsche AG is to be divided equally between preferred shares and ordinary shares. Up to 25 percent of the non-voting preference will be invested in the capital market, i.e. 12.5 percent of the total capital.

Basically, the latest news flow from Volkswagen is positive. However, the Porsche IPO is and remains a complex structure. More details are expected in the coming days.

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Due to the deteriorating market conditions, VW stock has given way again. The 50-day line, which is currently EUR 138.12, is used as support. If this mark falls, the next strongest support is EUR 130.00. The stock is currently permanent.

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