Volkswagen share: can it be true?  ()

Volkswagen share: can it be true? ()

Volkswagen shares are listed on the stock market July 14, 2022, 10:09 am at a price of EUR 128.34. Volkswagen shares have been awarded to the “Car Manufacturers” section.

To evaluate this course, we put Volkswagen into a multi-step analysis process. This leads to an assessment of whether Volkswagen should be classified as “buy”, “hold” or “sell”. The final inclusion of these assessments leads to a general assessment.

1. Technical Analysis: According to the moving average price, Volkswagen is currently “Sell”. Because the GD200 value is EUR 166.89, which means that the stock price (EUR 128.34) is -23.1 percent above this trend signal. This corresponds to the classification as “Sell”. For the past 50 days, the average moving average (GD50) is EUR 143.55. In view of the stock price itself, this equates to a deviation of -10.6 percent. This means that the stock is worth “selling” in this period. Overall, this corresponds to a “Sell” rating.

2. Investors: Investor sentiment is an important indicator for evaluating stocks. Recently, the Volkswagen segment was also the focus of discussion on social networks. Most of the comments posted were positive. However, in the last few days, the comment market has been particularly concerned with the negative topics surrounding Volkswagen. This condition results in a total “Hold” rating. Further investigation and analysis of the communication activity shows on the analytical side that “sell” signals were issued. There were eight tokens (5 sell, 3 buy). The bottom line is therefore a general “sell” signal at this level. In summary, the analysis of investor sentiment leads to a rating “Hold”.

3. Relevant Strength Index: Ratio Strategy (RSI) is a well-known method of technical analysis to assess whether security is currently “over-selling” or “over-selling”. This sets the price dynamics in relation to time. We are focusing on a 7-day and 25-day RSI for Volkswagen. Let’s start with the 7-day RSI, which currently scores 47.52. This means that Volkswagen is currently not widely sold or over-sold. The stock is therefore classified as “Hold”. How about a 25 day RSI? Here, too, Volkswagen is not over-buying or over-selling (value: 69.8), so the stock is also receiving a “hold” rating of RSI25. The bottom line is that Volkswagen rated “Hold” for this point in our analysis.

Buy, hold or sell – your Volkswagen analysis is up to date 14.07. gives the answer:

How will Volkswagen grow now? Is entry worth it or should investors sell instead? You can find the answers to these questions and why you need to act now in the current analysis of Volkswagen.