Volkswagen share: No one can believe that ()

Volkswagen share: No one can believe that ()

Volkswagen share price on September 14, 2022, 11:06 pm is EUR 148.72. The title is associated with the “car manufacturer” branch.

Our analysts rated Volkswagen based on 6 criteria. Each criteria defines a “buy”, “hold” or “sell” rating. The overall assessment is the result of the individual results of this analysis.

1. Relative Strength Index: The Relative Strength Index (or RSI for short) compares the rise and fall of an underlying asset over time, making it a good indicator of overbought or underbought stocks. The RSI for the past 7 days for Volkswagen stock has a value of 50.53. On this basis, the stock is neither overbought nor oversold and receives a “hold” rating. We now compare the 7-day RSI with the 25-day RSI value (45.85). As with RSI7, Volkswagen is neither overbought nor oversold on this basis (value: 45.85). Hence the security is also classified as “Hold” by RSI25. Overall, the RSI rating therefore gives Volkswagen a “hold” rating.

2. Dividend: With a dividend yield of 5.09%, Volkswagen is just slightly below the automotive industry average (6.02%) in terms of distribution, as the difference is 0.92 percent. A “Hold” classification can be derived from this for now.

3. Investors: Apart from hard factors like balance sheet data, stock prices can also be evaluated using soft factors like sentiment. Our analysts looked at Volkswagen on social media and found that the comments or results were neutral. However, Volkswagen-related social media users have picked up on negative topics over the past two days. The stock is therefore classified as a “Hold” for this analysis. Additionally, this analysis was optimized by considering trading signals. Six fully calculated signals are available (4 “Sell”, 2 “Buy”), which leads to the evaluation of “Sell” at the trading signal level. The editorial team has come to the conclusion that Volkswagen must be classified as “Hold” based on emotions.

Buy, hold or sell – your Volkswagen analysis is up to date 09/16 gives the answer:

How will Volkswagen grow now? Is entry worth it or should investors sell instead? You can find answers to these questions and why you need to act now in the current analysis of Volkswagen.