Volkswagen T-Roc R, 2,500 km with four people on board.  This trip was very stressful

Volkswagen T-Roc R, 2,500 km with four people on board. This trip was very stressful

MATEUSZ ŻUCHOWICZ • 7 minutes ago

The school year has started in full swing, but who among us still doesn’t think back to their holidays? For those wonderful moments where all worries have faded into the background? I decided to go back with me. For two weeks, I had a tough Volkswagen T-Roc R. Now it’s time to tell you if it worked for a long trip.

Volkswagen T-Roc R

Volkswagen T-Roc R (photo by Mateusz Żuchowicz)

This year I went to Croatia and although the direction may seem very modern, it was not without important stops. The most important thing, however, is that he accompanied me on this nearly two-week trip Volkswagen T-Roc R, the most complex version of this crossover. Has it worked? I am in a hurry to answer.

First stop – Hungaroring

Due to the fact that I am a big fan of Formula 1, in fact, I reserved my entire vacation for this event, which, as usual, took place near Budapest on the last weekend of July. The hilly, very narrow track of Fr. Length 4,381 km guests in the calendar of the queen of motorsport since 1986 and every year attracts more and more fans. I was there for the second time in a row and I must admit that it was an amazing experience for me once again. In addition, the sporty character of Volkswagen perfectly matched the atmosphere of the event and was perfectly visible in the campsite and track. But from the beginning.

We traveled four people in a Volkswagen and considering that our plan was to sleep in a tent at a campsite, then travel to Croatia and back again with a stop in Hungary, you can probably only guess that. 392 liter luggage compartment T-Roca had no chance to face the challenge. So I had to put the box on the roof, which saved our lives. The problem, however, is that even if we do not stop at the Grand Prix and do not take tents and camping equipment, there will be no way to pack four people for a two-week trip in the T-Roc without the help of a box. Unfortunately, this trunk is very small. The sloping roofline and high floor make it impossible to load large suitcases.

Full and hungry for adventure, we left Krakow. The first part was about failure about 500 km. This was the first test for the T-Roc. Tired of sports and lag, not very large dimensions of the car and very little space inside made us afraid of the quality of the ride. Here, however, the first surprise. There is enough space in the back, in Comfort mode it is very quiet, and the suspension, although it feels stiffer than the “civilian” version of this car, does not disturb the road much. However, I must say that we chose the longest route, which, after crossing the Polish-Slovak border, consisted mainly of highways. And here the R version can pull an ace from its hand.

TSI 2.0 engine with 300 HP and torque on the ladder 400 Nm he could spread his wings. Of course, up to a maximum of 120 km / h, because I had to remember that I had a very full box behind the roof. In any case, the power reserve made passing slower cars an absolute pleasure. However, there is no rose without thorns. The biggest drawback was DSG gearboxwhich in Comfort and Eco mode he didn’t really know how to live. What? you know the situation when someone suddenly wakes you up from a deep sleep and you don’t know where or what to do? This is what the gearbox did when I had to accelerate hard.

I must also mention the active Cruise Control, which has the function of adjusting the speed with a signal. Agree, on the national roads of Slovakia, where there is almost no police tolerance, this is a very important aspect. The problem, however, appears on the highway when – for whatever reason – the car suddenly reads the 80 km/h limit and starts slowing down. What? do you know what this means? Uncontrolled words on the channel from the friend behind you.

After more than seven hours and 518 km long we arrived Surprisingly, everyone was very entertained. I don’t know if it’s the quality of awareness that reminds us that this is the beginning of a vacation, or the Volkswagen, which – despite its sporty character – brought us comfortably to that place. It doesn’t change the fact that the trip went really well, and there was still a weekend with the queen of motorsport ahead of us. Three days between fans F1 and the constant roar of cars in the background. A story!

Croatia is waiting!

All good things pass quickly, but there was the prospect of more trips ahead, so each of us was in a good mood. A quick packing and on Monday morning we started another trip. This time the goal was Trogir in Croatia, 750 km from the Hungaroring.

Originally, the road was supposed to take approx 8.5 hours. Life however always writes its script and in the end we drove around 11 o’clock. Traffic jams, second car and truck incidents (fortunately nothing happened) and any wayfinding effectively ruined our mood. Finally, however, we reached our goal and, as far as we can reach it – everyone got up. That’s when I was able to coolly evaluate this trip.

Usually, on such long routes, I have a big problem with the seats, which in sports cars are very hard and very hard for long trips. So how do my four letters after 750 km long on the T-Roc? Exceptionally good. And that’s not just my opinion. Each of the cars left energy, and what’s more – two people in the back can even find a comfortable place to nap without any major problems. Honestly – the amount of space in this car is a big surprise to me.

However, I won’t frown on you that my vacation was all about travel. After arriving at my destination, where a small house was waiting for us, I gently put the Volkswagen in the parking lot and spent the next seven days there. Due to the fact that the work of a motoring journalist mainly involves driving cars, seven days without a car for me is like a cream for dry skin, or panthenol for anti-filters. It’s a relief!

All good things come to an end… but not forever

However, another Monday came and it was painful to accept the idea that something was ending. At the same time, a spark of positive attitude appeared in our heads again, because it was not the end of the holiday. We are going back to Hungary again. This time, however, the goal was Eger, and indeed its environment. If any of you have ever been to those areas, you know that there are many winding forest roads that are perfect for my driving style. After 800 kilometers long and when I got there, I had nothing to do but turn it on RACE modelet the passengers know that it will throw more force, press the gas pedal and leave the friends in the cars behind me.

Did I have a good time? Yes and no. Of course, I should have taken into account that I am on public roads where I am bound by the rules, plus I have a box on the roof, four people on board and a lot of luggage.

The effect was that – to my surprise – the car was still very good at cornering. The sports suspension was the strongest point here, because the car did not lean at all in the corners and kept the track perfectly. However, there were two problems. Annoying noises from the speakers annoy everyone, and again the gearbox. At times I couldn’t handle it and had to switch to manual mode to take control of what the DSG was doing. This is definitely a weak point of this car. It doesn’t change the fact that after all the fun I had to wait a while for other cars, because I chased them a little.

A few minutes later we arrived at the place where the holiday started again. Unfortunately, only for three days, but always something. Volkswagen was able to relax again, because it was only used for access to swimming pools.

The three days went by very quickly and it was finally time to go home. Before us was the shortest part, with a length of 400 km. Unfortunately, the route led through local mountain roads, which of course translated into the length of the trip, which took more than five hours. It worked without any incidents or complaints. The situation only got worse, because it was necessary to return to the gray reality.

Almost 2,500 kilometers are behind us. Time to reflect

We traveled 2,490 km in the Volkswagen T-Rocu R for four people, with a box on the roof and an amount of luggage that, as usual, exceeded our needs. It doesn’t change the fact that – although very crowded – we didn’t complain about the quality of the ride. Of course, it was far from the comfort of a limo, but what we were put in, and what Volkswagen offered, definitely exceeded our expectations.

One last thing remains. Maybe many of you are interested, so I left it to the end. It’s about burning, of course. For such a long distance, the T-Roc R needed an average of 8.8 liters of petrol per 100 km. This is a result that is not very satisfactory on the road, because it means that the total cost of the trip was in August) around PLN 1650. However, you must remember that we have a car here that gives you 300 HP, an all-wheel drive and in some cases it is fun to drive even with such a load. One thing is certain. Like me, the T-Roc R is up to the task. He did better than I expected.