Volkswagen takes it away – this development has potential

Volkswagen takes it away – this development has potential

While everything at Volkswagen is currently about the resignation of CEO Herbert Dies and his successor Oliver Blume, the Chinese subsidiary of the VW Group presents its latest development on Wednesday and thus breaks new ground. This is an example of a zero emission passenger drone.

A similar vertical mobility project was launched in 2020 by Volkswagen Group China. The result is a prototype unmanned aircraft that can carry four passengers up to 200 kilometers and is based on existing battery and autonomous driving technology solutions. Powered by eight lift rotors and two additional propellers for horizontal flight, the drone, known as V.MO, can take off and land vertically.

Before the device is released in the first phase of commercial use as the first product for affluent, tech-savvy customers in China, flight tests will be conducted this year. In 2023, further improvements and tests will take place.

According to VW, urban mobility is a fast-growing market and will play a very important role in China’s congested cities. With air taxis, passengers can be transported faster, more efficiently and more easily than with current modes of transportation.

Volkswagen vz
(WKN: 766403)

At Volkswagen, the focus is now on other things, on all the boss changes and the quarterly figures that will be released on Thursday. However, the air taxi is an interesting development that may have a future, especially in China, but the market is also very competitive. After the SHAREHOLDER proposal was recently suspended, you will notice in the current issue 31/22 that here available for download from 10:00 pm how you should act now.

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