Volkswagen, the fall in electric car sales in the EU: -24.3%, what is happening?

Volkswagen, the fall in electric car sales in the EU: -24.3%, what is happening?

Although the decline in sales of electric vehicles is currently a global phenomenon, where the Volkswagen group saw a decrease in this first quarter of the year of 3.3%, in Europe it is a disaster. Here the drop is clearly 24.3%, a scary situation to say the least.

Despite this, however, not all seems lost: if we consider the engine as a whole, the group recorded a 3% increase in births compared to the previous year, and 2.1 million units were delivered. The most active markets were China (+8%), South America (+14%) and North America (+5%).

But the situation, as mentioned at the beginning, is completely different when we talk about electric cars only. While Volvo and BMW are doing well, with sales increases of 27% and 40.6% respectively, Volkswagen has fallen in price. a clear trend to deal with compared to its competitors. And it is precisely in Europe that this decline is most significant.

Volkswagen Group sales data shows how only 74,400 units of electricity were produced in Europe in the first quarter of 2024, compared to 98,300 in the same period last year. In Germany, in particular, sales of electric vehicles fell by 29%, bringing the electric market share from 18.4% to 12%. This decline in the German market, however, can be attributed to the reduction of government incentives for electric vehicles.

However, there are good signs for the future. Despite the decline in sales, the number of electric models ordered more than doubled on an annual basis (+154%) in the first quarter of 2024. The Volkswagen Group aims to recover its market as soon as possible, especially considering the imminent arrival of new electric models such as the Audi Q6 e-tron, next. Electric Porsche Macan and Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer.