Volkswagen: The VW Diess boss is under a lot of pressure due to software problems

Volkswagen: The VW Diess boss is under a lot of pressure due to software problems

Herbert Diess manages Volkswagen successfully in times of crisis and sells himself on social media. But he is facing a difficult test.

Herbert Diess does not seem to tolerate good rest. When the Volkswagen boss feels calm breathing in a group with 670,000 employees, he leaves the barrier and waits to see who will breathe and how much. This provocative management practice, uncoordinated by key executives in the company, almost cost him his job when he warned the management board that up to 30,000 jobs in the Volkswagen brand could be at risk. Even though Diess later calmed down, playing through the ordeal led to a scandal. Central Labor Council chairwoman Daniela Cavallo, 47, put him in a loop like a rebellious schoolboy and talked about “great nonsense”. Because of Diess’ considerations, people are “afraid of their jobs, their families, their existence”.

Does Volkswagen need a new name?

Now it would seem obvious that a man who washes his head with a woman in this way in the future would sit with him before allowing new, radical ideas that have been created in his head to leak through his senior media staff. That would be a clear case of learning ability. But in Wolfsburg it is said: “Diess does not like to listen to people as a deterrent to what they think about her opinion.”

And so it was with Herbert Diess’ big show, as can be avoided: The 63-year-old München, an attractive and still young man, ventured into the sanctuary by ordering his team to come up with a new name. by car to find giants. After all, the Volkswagen brand has the same name as the parent company, which other VW companies like Audi, Porsche, Seat and Skoda join under the roof.

Here again, Diess’s surprise for the American webmasters is clearly visible, as Google’s umbrella company is called Alphabet and Facebook Meta. So what about “Mega” or better “Giga” as the new name of the company owned by Volkswagen? It doesn’t go that far, because Cavallo had Diess dismissed by a spokesman: “Our group is called Volkswagen and will continue to be so.”

The Bavarian was then hit in the head in Wolfsburg by Lower Saxony Prime Minister Stephan Weil, whose province is a major shareholder in car manufacturer: “Volkswagen will remain Volkswagen.” But Diess will also remain Diess. Strong opposition does not diminish its goodwill and desire for change, after all the company is economically successful even in conflict with the masters turn electromobility. On social media, the manager likes to have a good time with American star, recently Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who welcomed him with a smile on his new VW electric bus ID. attracted Buzz.

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Volkswagen hired another 1,000 developers

With all the boss sales, Volkswagen’s solution is not going to solve a major problem: the company has hired another 1,000 developers for its software company Carad, but the company, which is also well represented in Ingolstadt, is not available. out of the ground. Above all, experts gathered from Audi, Porsche, VW and acquired companies should not harmonize what they want. There is talk of a “pile of chickens”. Diess tries to impress at the group’s general assembly on Thursday that everything is going in the right direction, but he himself is under a lot of pressure.

Because he has been given the responsibility of the software business. After the app got a big stumbling block when the VW electric car ID was launched, the best Audi and Porsche brands are worried that the new operating system will come too late. The Audi Artemis electric car project has already been delayed due to the development of stagnant software.

It now looks like the new operating system, which Volkswagen wants to maintain its position against Tesla, will not previously be installed on Audi, but on VW Trinity’s electric sedan. The car will be built from 2026 at a new factory near the Wolfsburg main factory as soon as Tesla in Grünheide near Berlin. Without software, however, new VW production has stalled.

If in a year or two the “VW program pile” will not be a capable team of Tesla Fighter, Diess, as is often heard in industry circles, it is unlikely to be sustainable. The manager’s show would end before his contract expires at the end of 2025. VW management says as a mantra: “Our future depends on programming.”

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