Volkswagen will launch its Cupra brand in the United States – 03/22/2024 at 08:56

Volkswagen will launch its Cupra brand in the United States – 03/22/2024 at 08:56


Volkswagen Group plans to launch its sports car brand Cupra in the US by “the end of the decade”, Cupra and Seat boss Wayne Griffiths confirmed on Thursday.

“Cupra will enter the American market at the end of this decade. We plan to launch the brand with an electric version of the Formentor and a large electric crossover,” announced the boss of Seat SA during the presentation of his results.

A large “crossover” (or SUV) will be produced at Volkswagen Group plants in North America, including Mexico, Mr. Griffiths said.

The Cupra will initially be offered in select states on the East Coast and West Coast as well as states in the South. “This launch will be accompanied by a new distribution model,” said Wayne Griffiths.

The Volkswagen Group as a whole plans to return to the North American market, a “key” priority according to its CEO Oliver Blume, and its subsidiary Scout, which plans to open a battery factory in Canada in 2027.

Under its various brands, Volkswagen plans to introduce more than 25 new electric models by 2030 in the United States.

Cupra, currently very European, intends to accelerate its international development from 2024 with the opening of dealerships in Istanbul, Vienna and Manchester.

This year it plans to launch its “biggest product offensive to date” including the launch of its second 100% electric model after the Born Born, Tavascan SUV, and Terramar hybrid SUV.

Seat SA, the Spanish subsidiary that manages the Seat and Cupra brands, recorded in 2023 “the best financial results in its 73-year history, proof that our company is on the right track to ensure a more profitable future”, announced Wayne Griffiths .

The company delivered 519,176 vehicles (+35.3% for one year), including 230,739 Cupras (+50.9%) and 288,437 Seats (+24%).

Annual sales reached 14.2 billion euros (+35%), with a gross profit of 548 million euros.

If the Cupra fully embraces the electrification, Seat will offer more plug-in hybrids as well as “low fuel consumption models” for its entire range “up to the end of the petrol engines”, according to the brand.

“We want SEAT to regain its position, and build on last year’s double-digit growth with new investments in its brands and models. We are also studying what we can offer in the electric world under the Seat brand,” added Wayne Griffiths.