Volvo 480 GT Turbo (1995) – Enthusiasm Seeked

Volvo 480 GT Turbo (1995) – Enthusiasm Seeked

We are not only dealing with Volvo 480 here, but with the GT Turbo. Top version of games. That made the 480 a better car than it already was. After all, the 480 was something special in itself. When the 480 appeared at the scene in 1985, Volvo was still known for its antique-shaped ‘block boxes’ and the 480 with its pointed nose and impressive back was not one of them. It was also a piece of Dutch pride. Not only were 480 designed and built in the Netherlands, the final unusual 480 structure was put on paper by Dutchman John de Vries.

480 had a bold description. It had a pop-up lamp, a full glass back door (large response to 1800ES) and there were two rear sports seats instead of a regular back seat. Additionally, it was a front-wheel drive car, which was new to Volvo. The 480 had a base similar to the 440 a little later, which would come out of the production line at Born plus 480. Thanks to the front wheel drive and the standard Renault 1.7 on the nose, the 480 base weight at approximately 1,000 kg remained the lowest. . It made the 480 a soft guy and with its special design that should support a new target group at Volvo: ‘hip’ youth.

Good operation was also possible in 480, thanks in part to Lotus’ involvement in the suspension structure and low gravity center. However, it grew sporty when Volvo introduced the 480 variant in 1988 with a snail shell at 1.7. The 480 Turbo had a capacity of 120 horses to play with, a force of 11 more than the 480 horses expected. Normal increase in power, but of course the turbo changed the car’s behavior.

Volvo 480

Just before the end of production in 1995, we did not talk about the 480 Turbo but the 480 GT Turbo and that is what we are here before. Very ‘late’ text. As you can see right away from the picture, the GT Turbo not only had a more powerful engine than the 480 standard, but was also given the luxury. Window-operated windows and mirrors, central locks, alarms, on-board computer, tinted windows, leather upholstery, all existing, indoor or lighted. That was also allowed, GT Turbo cost no less than 10 of its unfortunate brethren.

Of the new price of approximately 55,000 guilders, there is now just a little bit left, for this green copy of € 2,800 is being asked. That’s not much for the 480, certainly not for this version. Are there fish in the grass? Yes: the odometer no longer works and, according to the service provider, is stuck for 210,000 miles. The actual number is estimated to be over 280,000. That is too much and unfortunately it cannot be proven. According to the dealer, however, the car is still running as it should and was recently given a new MOT without any comment. In short, perhaps not the best 480 GT Turbo, but a possible opportunity.

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