Volvo EX30, an electric SUV for the little one – Electric

Volvo EX30, an electric SUV for the little one – Electric

The timing coordinates of the Volvo EX30 are starting to become clearer. The debut of the Swedish brand’s new electric compact SUV is scheduled for next year June 15, when the entry into production will take place at the end of this year: the word of Jim Rowan, CEO of Volvo, who emphasized that it is the smallest car in the future range of electric cars of the brand. Volvo’s goal is this battery-powered crossover to help the company expand into one small populationthanks to its more affordable price.

“It is a very important model for us, which will be offered at a very attractive price but will also be very safe, and efficient range and compact sizewhich will place it slightly below the larger XC40 SUV – Volvo’s number one words for the CarSales mic – The age demographic of our customers is higher than we would like, so we hope that the new version will attract even younger drivers to us”. It’s no coincidence that the next electric cruiser, the EX30, will be sold online and will offer customers a way to purchase through a quarterly subscription. Note that the new Volvo EX30 will be produced in China and it will offer a number of battery options to choose from – in all likelihood it will be built on a smaller version of Geely’s standard SEA platform.

According to the latest rumors reported by Autocar in recent days, the platform on which the new EX30 will be built will be able to accommodate multiple battery sizes, even if the focus on urban driving of the new crossover will cause Volvo to prepare the equipment. to a certain extent to containing dimensions, weight and cost: if we think of the Smart #1, designed using the same architecture as the upcoming electric SUV of the Swedish brand, the 68 kWh battery pack provides a close range. 430 kilometersa range that meets Volvo’s requirements for this type of model.

FP | Andrew Trezza