Volvo EX30 in patent images.  Cards revealed before the first game!

Volvo EX30 in patent images. Cards revealed before the first game!

The Swedish manufacturer is gradually expanding its range of electric models. It will soon be joined by a new, smaller SUV.

However, before the official debut of the model (scheduled for June 7), we can see its silhouette in patent images that have leaked online. This is what the Volvo EX30 looks like in all its glory. There are no surprises.

The car uses the latest design style, which is an evolution of the previous one. Thanks to this, the stylistic identity of the brand was preserved during modern times as a whole. The effect is more satisfying.

Volvo EX30 – it will be

The front is decorated with new lights, which are shaped like a rocket. We don’t know if this union is politically correct, but it’s the first thing that came to mind. The bumper is deprived of a grill, which is not surprising in an electric car. Ventilation was kept to a minimum.

The car uses the latest model of the Swedish brand

The profile, however, shows the exposed placement of doors and cages and relatively thin glazing. The roof slope sweeps sharply towards the rear and is crowned by a wide C-pillar. The rear of the bodywork is characterized by a tall window, a large spoiler and lights that form a kind of light frame that flows through the tailgate.

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Brief overview, the project promises to be very good – elegant and modern at the same time. Of course, it is not easy for designers to create something that will be separated stylistically from all combustion models and the Polestar range, which is also electric.

Volvo EX30
The back is led by a light motif to create an attractive look

As for the interior, it is still shrouded in mystery. However, a smaller model should be expected, which will rely on two screens (digital gauges and multimedia display) that handle most of the car’s functions. The cabin should offer a five-seater configuration.

According to unofficial information, the car is based on SEA architecture, for which Geely is responsible. If this is true, Smart #1 uses the same board. Powertrains have not been revealed, but we suspect there will be single and twin engine versions. Power should not exceed that provided in Polestars, so that there is no market cannibalism.