Volvo EX60 2025 Unveiled

Volvo EX60 2025 Unveiled

Volvo’s impending trajectory is unequivocally electric. The Swedish entity has unabashedly and implicitly confirmed this stance, well ahead of the EU’s proposed ban on internal combustion engines. With an extant fleet of three electric vehicle models, and the fourth in the pipeline, the forthcoming fifth model is already confirmed. Scheduled to debut midway through this decade, the EX60 will supplant the XC60, as is revealed in this preliminary presentation.

Volvo stands alone amongst European auto manufacturers in affirming its unreserved backing of the EU’s ongoing offensive, coalesced with Germany’s, and augmented by a plethora of other countries, against the traditional combustion engine. These efforts entail relinquishing combustion vehicles by 2035, confining the market to solely electric vehicles.

The rationale behind such a stringent position is self-evident. Long before the EU’s “Fit for 55” initiative, the Swedish marque avowed that every new model it produces would be electric. A promise it has scrupulously fulfilled, beginning with the C40, then followed by the EX90, and soon to be joined by a third model, with a fourth in the nascent stages of development. The EX60 will be the fourth electric vehicle and replace one of the brand’s top-selling models, the XC60.

The upcoming Volvo EX60 is slated to become an electric sports utility vehicle (SUV), following two successful generations of the model. The Swedish automaker has determined that its clientele has already had ample opportunity to experience the benefits of electrification through the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) options available in the lineup. Consequently, it is now time for a radical transformation, which includes modifications to the vehicle’s design, as evidenced by the rendered images.

Volvo XC60

The future Volvo EX60 will inherit the attributes of its predecessor, with a modernized style. The slimmer, more distinctive headlights will sport the recognizable “Hammer of Thor” daytime running light signature and direct the gaze toward a closed panel, which will replace the grille.

The vehicle’s silhouette will remain faithful to its predecessor’s overall shape, albeit with a lowered height to impart a more familial appearance, while simultaneously promoting greater aerodynamic efficiency. The rear lights will be reinterpreted, featuring a cleaner design that circumnavigates the iconic shoulders.

The forthcoming iteration of the Volvo EX60 is slated to transform into an electric SUV, subsequent to two successful generations. The Swedish automaker opines that their patrons have already been exposed to the electric revolution, courtesy of the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) variants available in their product lineup. Hence, the company envisages undertaking a radical overhaul, encompassing an innovative design philosophy, as depicted in the speculative imagery.

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The future EX60 will inherit the DNA of its predecessor, with an accentuation on contemporary aesthetics. The slender headlamps sporting a distinct “Hammer of Thor” illumination will converge towards a sealed panel that will replace the traditional grille. While the carmaker intends to retain the silhouette, it will be optimized for a sleeker profile, with a more familial façade, and enhanced aerodynamics. The taillights, which extend over the signature shoulders of the vehicle, will be revamped to exude a more refined appearance.