Volvo EX90: features, design, technology, equipment

Volvo EX90: features, design, technology, equipment

The new EX90 is an all-electric replacement for the current XC90. Let’s know some of its main features.

New Volvo EX90 is the all-electric replacement for the current XC90.

Here are some of its key features in detail.

Volvo EX90: features, design, technology, equipment

Headlights are definitely a “wow” effect. The two horizontal LED strips The daytime running lights (with “Thor’s hammer” now extending to the bottom of the bumper) can be separated to clear the low and high beams. Interesting.

But the EX90 is not just that. It also has impressive specifications: 5,037 mm in length, 1,744mm long and 1,964mm wide without mirrors and with absolute precision! THE new headlightsto say the least technology, join the full grille introduced on the XC40 and C40 Recharge.

Volvo has gone for a clean, uncluttered style, with a drag coefficient of just 0.29. The sides of the car have pull handles, while the rear-view mirrors are curious because of their surprising size.

Indeed, after customer studies, Volvo did not choose mirrors and cameras, which had problems convincing the German competitor Audi, among others. Instead, the usual elements, which keep shapeless mirrors in shape, such as the interior mirror, are repeated with side vision cameras and a semi-autonomous driving system.

The vehicle has eight cameras, five radars, sixteen ultrasonic sensors and a new LiDAR sensor.

Artificial intelligence and infotainment systems

Volvo has announced that it has the capacity detect pedestrians up to 250 meters away and things like flat tires up to 120 meters.

The laser sensing technology does not rely on light, so it works day and night. Many of the car’s sensors will work in conjunction with HD maps from Volvo’s partner Google, including the infotainment system launched in the XC40.

The mapping contains up-to-date information about infrastructure and traffic routes, as well as your location. NVIDIA DRIVE AI Xavier and Orintogether with the Zenseact safety software, completes the driver assistance capabilities of the Volvo EX90.

Even if we are currently only talking about assisted driving, the full message of autonomous driving is not far away. This will serve the brand’s ambition of “zero killings and zero serious injuries at Volvo”.

The rear of the EX90 includes the latest C-shaped light signature seen on the Polestar, complemented by a vertical element that refers to the ‘historical’ resemblance of Volvo’s family of passenger cars and SUVs.

Internal affairs

On board, the EX90 follows the current trend: the most elegant dashboard and screen! The central tablet remains vertical as in the current XC90, but it doubles to 14.5 inches in graphic format like the Tesla or Ford Mustang Mach-E. Ergonomics seem to be improved over the XC40 and C40 system, with more shortcuts for driving functions, without getting a full menu.

Thanks to partnership with Googlenavigation is also provided by Google Maps, among other integrations.

Considering the size and resolution of the screen, that’s pretty impressive!