Volvo improves transportation of FE and FL trucks •

Volvo improves transportation of FE and FL trucks •

Volvo trucks have further improved Volvo FL and FE gearboxes. These trucks, which are mostly used for urban distribution and light construction work, are now more suitable and provide better driving experience, according to a Swedish manufacturer.

Volvo FL is the smallest and most portable truck of Volvo Trucks. With its new 8-speed automatic transmission (two more than the previous version of Volvo FL), fuel savings of up to 4% can be achieved.

“Along with the new gearbox, we also offer PTO (Power Take Out) full stop capabilities, making it easier and more complete with crane trucks, salt dispersers, snow plows and many other similar functions,” says Kenneth Ackerberg. , Product Manager of Volvo FL and FE

The larger Volvo FE now has the same improved I-Shift gears used in heavy-duty Volvo Trucks designs. This makes the switch up to 30 percent faster.

Significant improvements in handling characteristics are achieved through the new way in which the I-Shift gearbox interacts with the engine. The update includes quick clutch activation, resulting in short torque breaks. It also makes the gear shift smoother, with a smoother driving experience.

“Rapid switching makes it possible to make gear selection more efficient. Driving in cities with multiple starting and stopping stations causes a lot of gear changes, so improvements will be very noticeable and appreciated by the driver,” continues Kenneth Ackerberg.

In order to improve and improve the operating characteristics of Volvo FL and FE, there are three different modes of operation: economic (economic), performance (performance-based) and off-road. Each option is selected via a button on the dashboard and then displayed on the instrument panel.

“To make it as easy as possible to save fuel, the truck always starts in environmental condition and eco-roll is possible without driving with cruise control. However, the performance mode is easily achieved with a simple click. these can also be used for light construction work, “concludes Kenneth Ackerberg.

Off-road conditions offer improved performance at lower speeds. This truck performance makes driving safer, provides better control and makes the driving experience less stressful when driving on rough roads.