Volvo is looking to the future of fully electrified and sustainable powertrains

Volvo is looking to the future of fully electrified and sustainable powertrains

Volvo takes the transition to a more sustainable future very seriously, starting with the mix of products it will make available over the next few years. If the issue of safety is a true brand of the Swedish manufacturer, sustainability is a topic that is fully embraced by Volvo as a means. making their products more personal and tailored to the personal needs of those who operate them.

These are all part of the company’s goals reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40% by 2025compared to 2018, thinking of all the components of the car: not only the emission, therefore, but also all those associated with the supply. This result is only a partial achievement of a long journey, which aims to make Volvo a completely climate-neutral company by 2040.

To achieve these goals, Volvo has embarked on a commercial and product strategy that has seen 20% of vehicle sales in 2020 be plug-in hybrids. By 2025, the company aims to achieve a mix that sees 50% of all electric vehicles sold.with the remaining 50% being plug-in hybrids. From 2030, Volvo will only offer fully electric carstogether aiming to be a leader in the premium electric car segment.

The future of Volvo’s all-electric cars has been summed up, in terms of design and content, by what the Swedish company has implemented. Concept Recharge. This concept car had a unique start: it was presented online only in the summer of 2021, it was sent to China for a series of events in the summer of 2022, remaining there until the end of 2022 because of the container transfer restriction. these days it is shown in Milan, then back to the company’s research and development division.

The memory model shown by Concept Recharge depends Pillar 3: technology and security, sustainability, design and style. With a style that focuses on overall simplification, but offering the highest quality, Volvo aims to implement the innovations and themes proposed in the Recharge Concept as the basis for its entire future electric range.

The lines and styles shown on the Concept Recharge by Volvo were implemented in the new one EX90, a large electric SUV that will enter the market in the second half of 2023. This A car with 7 seatsof important dimensions, it has innovative equipment that makes it the safest Volvo ever built by the company, thanks also to the large presence of artificial intelligence systems and automation systems.

From this safety-focused perspective you get some clear design choices made by Volvo, to begin with VolvoCars operating system which uses the NVIDIA hardware platform (Xavier and OrinX chips), LiDar sensors and an infotainment system based on Google Android Automotive. All this with the intention of combining a autonomous driving which in the future, the regulations allow, will want to be of the unsupervised type that is, without the necessary attention of the driver due to raising the safety level further. From a certain point of view, it is nothing but a modern interpretation of that Volvo DNA that puts the movement of driving safety for the occupants first in its cars.