Volvo is offering fast electric car charging at Starbucks stores

Volvo is offering fast electric car charging at Starbucks stores

I’ll have an iced white mocha with soft creme foam, 20kWh of battery charge, and extra moist caramel.

Your Frappuccino will come with an extra… electric kick.

Volvo is partnering with the ChargePoint charging network and Starbucks coffee shops to offer fast charging to all EV drivers at the coffee shop chain.

This summer, Volvo-branded charging stations will be installed at up to 15 Starbucks locations along the 1,350-mile route between Denver and Seattle. All 60 charging sockets will be available approximately every 100 miles to ease any worries. That works out to about four stores per Starbucks.

Volvo says it hopes to expand its ChargePoint partnership to a nationwide network based on publicly available fast charging. Tesla’s charging network, Supercharger(opens in a new tab), only available to Tesla drivers. But last year Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the charger would eventually open up to all electric cars. In parts of Europe(opens in a new tab), Supercharger tests the availability of any type of electric vehicle. Starbucks Volvo stations will be open to everyone, but Volvo EV drivers will have access to free or reduced rates.

ChargePoint’s DC fast charging can take a fully charged Volvo C40 from 20% to 90% in about 40 minutes. The Starbucks partnership provides a place to rest and refuel while waiting for the battery to recharge.

The C40 Recharge has a range of 226 miles and is Volvo’s second electric SUV. Volvo plans to sell only electric cars by 2030.