Volvo is opening the order book for the all-new VNL

Volvo is opening the order book for the all-new VNL

It is now possible to place an order with Volvo to get its new, completely redesigned VNL.

The manufacturer guarantees that its dealers have completed the highest level of training in the industry, both in person and online, to ensure that they have mastered all the skills necessary to maintain a new truck.

(Photo : VTNA)

So they are ready to take orders, with production expected to start later this year. The first demonstration units are expected to be delivered to dealers this summer.

“The Volvo VNL has long been the flagship of Volvo Trucks in North America and has long been the truck of choice in the United States and Canada,” said Peter Voorhoeve, president of Volvo Trucks North America (VTNA).

VTNA believes that, together with VNL, it has set new standards in fuel economy, safety, productivity, connectivity and reliability in the heavy-duty truck industry.

“Our customers have told us how eager they are to put these on their fleet and we are excited to open the order books to get these trucks ready for production,” added Voorhoeve.

It is possible to specify the new VNL in different configurations and levels of luxury. Volvo says customers will save $20,000 a year with the new VNL, including 10% fuel savings, better connectivity and more driver retention.