Volvo is preparing an electric car with a range of records

Volvo is preparing an electric car with a range of records

It is very likely that he will never land in Europe, or even the United States. Volvo’s first electric car is on the way but it will only be launched (at least initially) in China.

A slide of the local delivery was revealed to the general public today, revealing Volvo’s plans for the year 2023. So we notice the arrival of models we’ve already heard about: XC40, C40, EX90 and its Premium version or even a new SUV. But that’s not all. A stamped MPV model is also shown in the slide. gold, MPV is a synonym for van.

Volvo joins its cousin Zeekr

To implement its project, Volvo will not start from scratch explains Chinese media New Car China. The original Swedish manufacturer, now under the control of the Chinese Geely (Lotus, Polestar, Lynk & Co. and Zeekr), would merge with Zeekr, another brand of the group.

The Volvo car would take many of the characteristics of the Zeekr 009, a high-end electric car released several months ago in China. So it would show the same dimensions (length of 5.21 meters and wheelbase of 3.21 meters) and it could also carry up to six people with a trunk volume of 590 to 1,295 liters.

The engine would also come from Zeekr’s work. So the Volvo electric car would be based on a 400 kW engine, equivalent to 543 horse power, with a torque of 686 Nm and a range of 702 km according to the Chinese cycle CLTC (600 km WLTP).

An “independent” version would also be planned. It will have a Qilin CTP 3.0 battery made by CATL capable of recharging from 10 to 80% in 28 minutes, explains Zeekr on its website. Many times, this battery would allow Volvo’s electric car to travel up to 1,000 km for one payment. A performance already achieved by the Zeekr 001, a recently launched electric minivan.

Released in China in late 2023

Still according to information from New Car China, The Volvo electric car will be launched at the end of 2023 at a price close to that of the Zeekr 009, around 600,000 yuan, or the equivalent of 80,000 euros, for the top model. Please note that this is only an exchange that does not take into account various taxes, exchange rates, customs fees, etc

However, no European release is mentioned in Volvo’s internal documents. Currently, Volvo is focusing on the Chinese market, which will be Volvo’s largest global market in 2022 with at least 80,000 cars sold. he noted An echo.

This does not stop Geely from continuing its march in Europe. In addition to “traditional” brands, the group is based Lynk & Co, a unique rental offer on the market.