Volvo opens Apple CarPlay in new areas!

Volvo opens Apple CarPlay in new areas!

Volvo currently supports Apple CarPlay. Apple CarPlay will be released in 14 new regions.

Volvo supports the next generation of CarPlay

Swedish automaker Volvo announced Monday a new software update for all of its Google-enabled cars. The update should provide cars with Apple CarPlay. So Volvo is enabling Apple CarPlay in more than 200,000 cars in 14 regions.

Over the Air Updates allow Volvo to provide customers with new features. Sanela Ibrovic, Head of Connected Experience at Volvo, also mentions that cars are getting better as a result. Maybe an update should be released in Germany.

In addition, the CEO of Volvo said that the car manufacturer is fully focused on electric vehicles and sees a strong demand in Europe. Other automakers could learn a lesson from that. Over the air updates are becoming increasingly important.

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