Volvo Sales Show Decline in Electric Car Sales in US, as Hybrid Becomes Most Popular

Volvo Sales Show Decline in Electric Car Sales in US, as Hybrid Becomes Most Popular

Volvo is the latest automaker to announce good results in the field of hybrid vehicles, with the demand for electric vehicles in the US decreasing in the first quarter of 2024. The Swedish brand has started positivesince its annual sales increased by 17 percent, and the reason is hybrids.

More accurate, Volvo plug-in hybrids They were a hot item until the end of March. During this period, sales of these models increased by 44 percent and reached 7,118 units. The small hybrid grew by 20 percent and by 8,088 cars leaders in terms of total sales. Sales of electric vehicles, on the other hand, fell. Only 2024 fully electric Volvos were sold in the first three months of 970, compared to 2.782 last year; drop is 100%.

The entire Volvo American lineup, to some extent, with electricity, and many are available as plug-in hybrids. Only the XC40 and V90 Cross Country don’t have a plug-in power option, but Volvo offers it for fully electric models. EX30, recharge XC40, recharge C40 and the main SUV EX90. Among all models, the XC90 achieved the highest sales, with 4,048 units sold in March alone.

While it’s not the first manufacturer to report strong hybrid sales this year, Volvo’s first quarter report may a clearer view current trends among buyers USA. Toyota reported strong Prius sales, while Ford reported record hybrid sales, led by the Maverick hybrid, up 77%. To be fair, Ford also reported an 86% increase in electric vehicle sales with 20,223 vehicles sold. However, the large list of electric vehicles has caused Ford to reduce production. Mach-E et Electricity and offer more attractive incentives, so it will be interesting to see how Q2 EV sales of the blue circle do.

Hyundai may be an exception. The South Korean brand recorded impressive growth in its electric vehicle sales in the first quarter of this year. 5 ions proved to be a popular seller, but it is worth noting that the Tucson in hybrid and plug-in versions has achieved sales records. Also Hyundai Palisade setting a sales record with 25,255 units sold, more than all Hyundai electric car sales combined.

It should also be noted that it seems that v Europe Otherwise. Demand for electric cars may not be slowing down much, as evidenced by Volvo’s first-quarter sales. 31.237 electric vehicles. That’s up 48 percent from 2023, outstripping sales of plug-in hybrids, which actually fell 2% over the period.