Volvo trucks initiate the sale of heavy-duty electronics •

Volvo trucks initiate the sale of heavy-duty electronics •

Volvo Trucks officially launches sales of various types of Volvo Trucks electric trucks.

Although several statements of intent have already been signed in the Netherlands, the textbooks will be officially unveiled on Monday for the Volvo Trucks heavy duty electric truck. Volvo FH Electric, Volvo FM Electric and Volvo FMX Electric can be ordered from now on. Series production will begin in the autumn and will gradually increase. The electric trucks are manufactured at Volvo’s CO2-neutral Tüve truck factory in Gothenburg, Sweden. The official start of the sale of heavy-duty versions of the heavy line will begin in the fourth quarter of 2022.

“This is an important step for Volvo Trucks. There is a lot of interest from customers to order these amazing trucks. So far, we have given more customers and partners sign autographs, but from now on, orders can be traced. This is a big step forward. of electricity supply, ”said Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks.

By 2021, more than 1,100 orders and purpose letters for Volvo electric trucks were placed in more than 20 countries.

Electronic versions of the average working volvo volvo – Volvo FE, Volvo FL and Volvo VNR – are already being produced in series. The largest European markets for Volvo electric trucks are currently Norway, Sweden and Germany. Volvo Trucks is Europe’s leading market for heavy duty trucks with a market share of 42 percent in 2021 and also has the potential to lead North America.

“The Netherlands is also doing well as a country in terms of the number of electric trucks. Subsidy projects for greenhouse trucks, which will officially start on May 9, will provide this more energy,” expects Jan Schouten, commercial director of Volvo Trucks Netherlands.

With a total of six electric truck designs produced by this year, Volvo Trucks have the most complete electric line in the international truck industry. With electronic solutions for almost all categories: from urban distribution and waste processing to urban construction and regional transportation. The goal of Volvo Trucks is that by 2030 half of all truck sales will be electric.

“Obviously it becomes a competitive advantage to provide quiet transport solutions without air pollution,” said Roger Alm.