Volvo wants to launch a wallet-friendly electric car in 2023

Volvo wants to launch a wallet-friendly electric car in 2023

Volvo has been an interesting manufacturer in the electric world, launching amazing 100% electric cars like XC40 or C40all have already been tested by our team

But, as we have said several times, to reach more people, you also need to launch more wallet-friendly products. That is why Volvo is preparing to launch the EX30, a 100% electric car that should be below the models already mentioned.

Volvo wants to launch a wallet-friendly electric car in 2023

Therefore, Volvo is preparing to launch its cheap electric, called EX30, and its platform.

Volvo is preparing to launch the cheapest electric in the range, inferior to the XC40 and C40 Recharge. It is the EX30, with an unveiling planned for June and which will benefit from a specific platform.

It is also the 100% electric car that follows the EX90, the top of the range presented at the end of last year. Which, in addition to renewing the brand’s promise for safety, also shows that Volvo takes electrification very seriously.

That said, the EX30 will be the (most) affordable electric SUV, while also expected to be the smallest car in Volvo’s lineup for years to come. Unfortunately, it is a car like ID.3 or Cupra Born from the rival Volkswagen, aimed mainly at a young audience, a little rich, but ready to jump into the electric world.

More precisely, the EX30 was designed to be as affordable as possible, but without going against the brand’s values.

The platform is called SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture), that is, the same one that Smart#1 uses, and which should also give life to the Polestar 4. This EX30 will be produced in China, and should reach the market still in 2023. The announcement should take place in summer.

Also, what do you think about all this? Interesting? How much should this car be priced to be successful in the electric market? Share your views with us in the comment box below.