VW and BMW dumpers in the US car market |  07/02/22

VW and BMW dumpers in the US car market | 07/02/22


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Herndon (awp / sda / dpa) – Lack of treats and supply problems further undermines the US car market. Things are also going badly for German developers.

According to a report on Friday, Volkswagen sold 78,281 new cars in the second quarter, about a third less than a year ago. There were clear cuts in almost all models.

The sale of Atlas and TV city of Atlas, which has become very popular with American customers, also collapsed. The half-year equity was also weak. In the first six months, sales decreased by nearly 32 percent to 143,279 vehicles.

German BMW suppliers also had to cope with declining sales in the American market. With 78,905 cars from BMW’s main brand, the Dax group removed 18.3 percent fewer cars than the same period last year, as announced Friday evening.

Searchable SUV cars

Delivery problems could weigh on the stock of traders, the group said. Limousine in particular were affected. On the other hand, BMW was able to gain some advantage in the SUV segment, which is very popular in the USA. Sales of Mini brands, which belong to the group, decreased by almost half compared to year to year.

The largest car manufacturer in the United States, General Motors (GM), announced a 15 percent drop in sales for 582,401 new cars in the second quarter. The company continues to face supply problems and the ongoing shortage of computer chips. According to GM, about 95,000 vehicles could not be delivered soon because equipment was lacking.

The manufacturer automatically works closely with suppliers to fix problems as quickly as possible. GM expects a quarterly profit between $ 1.6 billion and $ 1.9 billion – which is much less than the average of analysts expected.

Porsche as a positive exception

One of the few positive differences in the second quarter was the VW Porsche sports car subsidiary. Here, sales increased by 2.8 percent to 19,487 cars, as the company announced at its US headquarters in Atlanta. The profit peak in the VW Group was able to manifest itself against the weak overall trend in the market.

After the first six months, however, Porsche still recorded a minus of 10.5 percent to 32,529 cars. Sales figures for luxury Audi class manufacturer, which also belongs to the VW Group, have not yet been obtained. The same applies to the German competitor Mercedes-Benz.