VW boss wants to overtake Tesla “weak” by 2025

VW boss wants to overtake Tesla “weak” by 2025

Volkswagen-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Herbert Diess he has long spoken of the fact that his company is a competitor Tesla it can soon be left behind when it comes to electric vehicles. As reported by the Financial Times (Paywall)Diess has now confirmed this review to its staff.

According to the report, Diess announced to his staff in a speech that VW would be on top 2025 become a leading manufacturer of electronic car. “We must take this opportunity and get it fast,” was an appeal from the VW boss. However, he put his assessment in perspective: the race between VW and Tesla will be. “very welcome”said Diess to his staff.

VW is battling a backlog of production

Despite the big tones, Volkswagen has a key capture do in the sale of electric vehicles, as recent statistics show. The German car manufacturer sold slightly lower than the total in Q1 2022 100,000 electric vehicles (future location reported). Tesla can in that period 310,000 electric vehicles decline. In terms of percentage, VW cannot be compared to the front runner either: It increased its sales by 65 percent, Tesla by 67 percent.

In addition, by the year 2022, all electronic vehicles from the VW Group Europe and the USA are sold out. So if you want to buy an electric car from Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche or Cupra in the near future, you must be at least 2023 waiting. The reason is the same pile of productiontriggered among other things by the global chip shortage and locks on Chinese production equipment.

Diess: Gigafactories are a burden to Musk

Tesla is facing similar challenges. Also, new giga factories, which Tesla had built for Germany and the United States, is now still a profitable business. According to the CEO Elon Musk His company still continues to face shortages and production in manufacturing in billions.

According to the Financial Times, Diess also referred to this weakness: Tesla would do “weak”, he says. Because Elon costs too much energy to increase its production.