VW Confirms Sub-k Entry-Level ID.1 Small Electric Hatchback

VW Confirms Sub-$21k Entry-Level ID.1 Small Electric Hatchback

In a recent announcement, Volkswagen has affirmed the introduction of the ID.1, a small battery-powered hatchback, at a cost of less than $21,000. This comes as a part of the German carmaker’s efforts to increase its electric vehicle offerings and venture into the full-scale electrification of its lineup.

The ID.1 will feature a more affordable price tag than its other ID. models, making it the most affordable electric car in the Volkswagen lineup. The vehicle is expected to have a range of up to 205 miles, which is more than enough for everyday driving. It will be powered by a 50kWh battery, and will be capable of achieving 0-62mph in 8.5 seconds.

The car is expected to have a modern design and will feature the company’s latest technologies, such as a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a digital cockpit, and a suite of advanced driver-assistance systems. Additionally, the ID.1 will come with Volkswagen’s new ‘We Connect’ service, which allows drivers to access the car’s data and control certain features remotely.

The ID.1 will be available in two trims: a basic model and a more advanced version. The basic version will offer a range of standard features, including LED headlights, cruise control, and a heated steering wheel. The advanced version will include additional safety and comfort features, as well as an upgraded infotainment system.

The ID.1 is set to be released in Europe in late 2021 and will likely be available in the US shortly thereafter. Volkswagen has not yet released pricing information for the US market, but it is expected to remain competitive.

With the introduction of the ID.1, Volkswagen is taking a major step towards becoming a major player in the electric vehicle market. The car’s low price point and advanced features make it an attractive option for those looking for an affordable electric car. With the ID.1, Volkswagen is positioning itself to be a leader in the electric vehicle market for years to come.