VW Golf II G60 Limited: Golf golf for 93,000 euros

VW Golf II G60 Limited: Golf golf for 93,000 euros

Only 71 models of Golf G60 Limited were built. One of these is now on sale in the UK in a left-handed car, priced at around € 93,000.

In 1989, VW, along with its sports department, launched the last Golf – Golf G60 Limited, of which only 71 copies were made manually at VW Motorsport. Today, the G60 Limited is one of the rarest and most sought after VW models.

Everything for golf

At G60 Limited, VW brought together everything they had in terms of technology. The base was the Golf II body of four doors, because it was more resistant to turbulence than that of two doors. For the engine, the VW connected the 1.8-liter 16V known to the G60 charger. The result was a 210 hp engine that distributed its power to all four wheels via a Golf Syncro. Apparently, the G60 Limited remained highly protected. External features are just a blue frame around the radiator grill, two VW Motorsport badges front and rear and 15-inch BBS rims, which were only available to Corrado at the time. When it comes to hardware, G60 Limited is all the same. There were no options. The price of 68,500 marks (including today’s inflation 63,920 euros) always included black metal finish, leather interior, solar roof, electric windows, ABS, central locks, power steering, exterior mirrors adjustable electronics, multi-function display and Temperature. front seats. The board next to the bonnet lock holder and the accompanying tracking number also ensures authenticity.

The condition is good, the engine has been repaired and upgraded

How many Golf G60 Limited survived is unknown. However, one of them is now on sale in the UK. The car with serial number 16 has 108,921 kilometers per hour and is driven with the left hand. According to dealer 4 Star Classics, Golf has been in the hands of the same British owner since 2007. In 2008, the engine was completely replaced with a subtle replacement. The four-cylinder has an upgraded G-Lader, an adjustable cylinder head with new Schrick camshafts as well as a custom-made stainless steel sports exhaust system and an adjustable engine controller. According to the dealer, the remaining car is in a clean and natural condition.

This is also reflected in the asking price. 4 Star Classics it costs £ 79,995 for Golf G60 Limited, which is equivalent to around 93,100 euros.

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VW built only 71 copies of Golf G60 Limited. One of these is now on sale in the UK. The left-handed operation of approximately 110,000 kilometers per hour should cost around 93,100 euros. Since only strong collectors should be weak.