VW is planning an SUV based on the ID.3, which could be called the ID.3 X

VW is planning an SUV based on the ID.3, which could be called the ID.3 X

(Motorsport-Total.com/Motor1) – Volkswagen is working on an SUV version of the ID.3, likely to be called the VW ID.3 (buy Volkswagen ID.3 used cars now) X. In addition, new brand boss Thomas Schäfer confirmed two high-end electric cars at a price from 25,000 euros yesterday evening.

Volkswagen ID.3 (2019)


So far, VW has only two and a half electric cars: the compact car VW ID.3 and SUV ID.4 as well as its variant as coupe ID.5. VW is now working on an SUV version of the ID.3 “at full speed”, as Schäfer told Autocar. The new design should look very different from the ID.3 and debut before 2026.

The logic of the name of the new structure

With the SUV version of the ID.3, VW faces the question of a new model naming scheme. Several options are being explored, says Schäfer, but attaching the X to SUV models would not be an “impossible option” – remember, not just for the ID.3 derivative, but across the entire model range.

The manager also confirmed that there will be two versions of the entry-level model announced for 2025, which are “a small car and a sports crossover variant”. They should be something like the electric VW Polo and VW T-Cross.

For At IAA 2021, VW presented the ID.Life study based on the compact MEB platform and a production version for around 20,000 euros from 2025. Later it was said that the car would be sold due to the rapid rise in prices more than 25,000 euros cost. Since Cupra was showing the UrbanRebel small car study on the same platform at the same time, there have been rumors about two variants from the beginning.

If the planned new model names become reality, the said models could be called ID.2, ID.2 X and ID.3 X. They should be among the ten new electric cars that will debut by 2026, although facelifts are already included.

A facelift for the VW ID.3 in 2023

VW is planning a facelift for the ID.3, which according to Schäfer is scheduled for 2023. The VW ID.3 was launched in 2020; the facelift won’t be due until 2024, but Schäfer wants to favor it. It should bring improvements in “quality, material and stability of the system”. Due to strong opposition from customers, VW also wants to replace the touch buttons on the steering wheel with regular buttons.

By referring to the stability of the system, Schäfer seems to mean that somewhat flawed software, which is said to have even contributed to the downfall of CEO Diess.

In general, VW wants to offer a wide range of electric cars in the future: “From a high-end e-car with a target price of less than 25,000 euros to the Volkswagen ID. Buzz to the new Volkswagen ID. Aero , we will have a suitable offering in every part’ said the Reverend.

Platforms: MEB until 2026, then SSP

All of these models still rely on standard electronic building materials (MEB). If we interpret correctly what is known so far, the MEB should remain the only electric platform until 2026. A new Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) has been announced for 2026which will carry all the quantitative structures of the Group.

Premium Platform Electric (PPE) seems – as the name suggests – reserved for premium brands. As far as we know, PPE will debut in 2023 or 2024 in the Audi Q6 e-tron, Audi A6 e-tron and Porsche’s electric Macan.

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In addition, VW prefers to end the combustion engine by 2033, but only for Europe. Cars with combustion engines will continue to be built on other continents, reports Automotive News Europe, among others, citing Schäfer. His predecessor Ralf Brandstätter had set a target for Europe that the combustion engine should end between 2033 and 2035.

“From 2033 at the latest, VW will build only electric cars in Europe.” (VW brand boss Thomas Schäfer)

When it comes to combustion engines, VW intends to limit itself to very important models in the future. According to Schäfer, the brand will simplify the range over the next ten years. In production, the manager wants to strengthen platform thinking and, if possible, have cars manufactured on the same platform in the same plant.

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