VW: Only electric cars in Europe from 2033

VW: Only electric cars in Europe from 2033

Volkswagen brand prefers its self-imposed goal of final production of the combustion engine and wants it in Europe”before 2033make only electric cars. In the past this was easy to change to”between 2033 and 2035“planned. This was announced by Thomas Schäfer, who has been the new head of the main VW brand since July, at an event in Berlin a few days ago. In other countries such as the USA or China, the end of the production of the combustion engine will take place a little later, as usual.

In addition, VW wants to bring ten new types of electric vehicles to the market by 2026 alone. The new product portfolio should cover the entire range from “Entry-level e-car with a target price of less than 25,000 euros via ID.Buzz for the new flag ID.Aero‘ are enough to offer offers to customers in every segment. The ID.3, for example, one of the most popular models from Wolfsburg, will soon also be available in an SUV version.

Schäfer also announced a reorganization of production to increase cost efficiency: “In the future, we will focus on our core designs and simplify our range of designs and packaging over the next ten years.said the boss of VW. The previous type of models, already criticized by Schäfer’s predecessor Herbert Diess, is considered an unnecessary cost driver. “Do less, do better“said Reverend. VW’s focus should be more directed to a series of profits.

The main VW brand is leading the way in increasing the profit of the audio group, which Schäfer has been managing in private unity since the summer. The group’s medium-term target is a return of 8 percent.

Source: Manager Magazine – From 2033, VW only wants to build electric cars in Europe /FAZ: From 2033, only electric cars will be built at VW