VW promises a lot of money – but you have to wait longer than planned

VW promises a lot of money – but you have to wait longer than planned

VW is now pledging more money: an additional payment from the Porsche IPO is planned.

But not everyone is happy with VW’s plans. Because the special distribution should not end up in the account until next year.

This is reported by “Handelsblatt”. On December 16, the special distribution will be decided by the shareholders in Berlin. However, a total of 9.55 billion euros will not be paid until January 9. For many owners, this project is not met with much approval – and rather with anger.

Because: “Split the initial date of the dividend and the payment of this dividend over two calendar years has many losses for the asset manager and his clients,” as Ralph Weidenmann from Swisspartners told “Handelsblatt”.

The state of Lower Saxony wants the late VW extra money

Reason for payments next year: The state of Lower Saxony, which owns about 12 percent of Volkswagen’s shares, wants late payments. Compared to “HandelsblattThe Ministry of Finance in Lower Saxony confirmed the rumours.

The 1.13 billion euros from the special distribution can only be distributed next year because Lower Saxony is “not yet balanced”. As a result, the government’s balance is reduced – the share capital and reserves ordered then – after the reduction of the debt – are no longer covered by real assets.

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