Wales is fed up with Harry Potter fans.  They leave their socks on the beach

Wales is fed up with Harry Potter fans. They leave their socks on the beach

West Clearwater Beach in Wales is the symbolic burial place of Dobby’s house elf. This is one of the characters from the Harry Potter series of novels and movies. Local authorities have a problem with fans of the wonderful world, because they visit Dobby’s grave without respecting the environment.

House elf Laundry is one of the most famous characters in the series of novels and films about Harry Potter. He is a magical creature who lived to serve his master. Dobby acted against the accepted rules. He helped Potter many times. Unfortunately, he died while escaping from Malfoy’s house. Bellatrix Lestrange he struck him with a sword while he was telephoning on the beach in Pembokeshire.

Dobby’s symbolic grave in Wales

Potter fans are created Dobby’s model city on the beach at Freshwater West in Pembokeshire, Wales. This is the place we saw in Dobby’s death scene in the movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I”. The elf, before his death, looked around and said:

– It’s a great place to meet a friend.


Potter fans built a statue of a magical leprechaun on a beach in Wales. The place became a popular destination for tourists who brought socks as gifts for Dobby. What are socks? The sign of giving a leprechaun sock means that the creature becomes free and does not need to serve anyone anymore. Dobby got the socks from Potter and wore them until his death.

Dobby’s grave in Wales and the environmental crisis

Potter fans left so many socks on Dobby’s statue that it became a problem. The beach turned into a sock dump. The case was handled by the environmental protection organization National Trust Wales. Activists have decided that the statue in Dobby’s honor will remain on the beach as long as fans behave respectfully of the local flora and fauna. So they will stop littering.

Environmentalists are fed up with Harry Potter fans

– We won’t be removing the Dobby statue in Freshwater West anytime soon, because people are enjoying it. However, we ask guests to take photos only when visiting the beach. Help us preserve beautiful landscapes, urges the National Trust Wales in a press release quoting NBC News.


The agency issued a report on littering at a popular Pembokeshire beach. According to activists, items such as socks, trinkets or colored chips from painted pebbles can be harmful. marine ecosystemdisrupting the food chain and endangering animals.