Wassenaarders.nl |  How Opel Vivaro grew with time

Wassenaarders.nl | How Opel Vivaro grew with time

Are you looking for a new or used car? Then the Opel Vivaro certainly deserves it. The model has long been considered as a guarantee established in the commercial vehicle segment. This certainly does not mean that Vivaro has stalled in development. The Opel Vivaro has grown significantly over time.

What can you expect from the Opel Vivaro?

Opel Vivaro is a medium-sized car that is suitable for commercial use. The model offers a lot of practical storage space, has excellent driving characteristics and has reliable and efficient engine equipment. The Opel brand is known for its sales models and excellent reliability. Vivaro is certainly no exception. Also from a Opel Vivaro event In most cases, you can continue using it regardless of the length of time.

Opel Vivaro Growth

Opel Vivaro has grown in several ways. When the first generation was replaced by Opel Vivaro B in 2014, these models turned out not only to provide more cargo space, but also to have more economical engines. The Vivaro III which appeared in 2019 can also be purchased “on growth”. Vivaro III is available in three heights: 4.60, 4.95 and 5.30 meters. Loading space varies from 4.6 m³ to 6.6 m³. The Opel Vivaro is available as a freight car, with a 6-seat double cab, with a chassis cab and as a passenger bus. You can even choose a four-wheel drive Opel Vivaro or model with traction control. Finally, it is good to know that you can now also choose Opel Vivaro-e. After all, Opel Vivaro has also experienced growth in the field of sustainability. Will you use the Rhineland Route in the Opel Vivaro in the future?

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