Watch Glory 86 on TV: Videoland and more…

Watch Glory 86 on TV: Videoland and more…

Did you know that Glory kickboxing matches can be watched on TV? Videoland subscribers have been able to watch all matches live on the streaming service since August 2022. For example, on Saturday 27 May in Videoland you can watch Glory 86 with the main fight between Petchpanomrung ‘Petch’ Kiatmookao and Chikh Mousa. Also find out more about House of Glory by Badr Hari and Rico Verhoeven.

Kickboxing in Videoland

Videoland creates live studio programming around Glory events. Boxing pro Mark Schaaf (who you previously saw in VIPS Special Forces S2) has been hired as the announcer. The pool of analysts has Remy Bonjasky*, Lucy Rijker* by Melvin Manhoef. The commentary is provided by Alex Lely and Remy Bonjasky. The latter is dedicated exclusively to Videoland. Ringside reporter is Jay-Jay Boske. The night of the biggest Clash of Clans comes from the area with Numbers and Rivalsevents from the studio in Hilversum.

Glory 86

GLORY 86 will go live from the Grugahalle in Essen, Germany, on May 27. Petch (Thailand) and Chikh Mousa (Germany) compete for the featherweight title that is still in Petch’s name. Benjamin Adegbuyi (Romania) returns to the ring at Glory 86 to face Sofian Laïdouni (France). Welterweights Robin Ciric (Netherlands) and Chico Kwasi (Netherlands) also meet in Essen. Mark Schaaf is the host of Glory 86 on Videoland. Remy Bonjasky and Melvin Manhoef as commentators. Jay-Jay Boske is a ring reporter.

Did you know that you are currently seeing Remy Bonjasky’s teammate in the new season of Kamp Van Koningsbrugge?

House of Glory with Badr Hari & Rico Verhoeven

Badr Hari and Rico Verhoeven will not compete in the ring, but in the new program of Videoland House of GLORY. They are looking for new karate talents in the welterweight class who are ready for fierce competition in and out of the ring. You must weigh 77 kg and be ready to fight! Symbol House of Glory.

Did you know that Rico Verhoeven can currently be seen in the movie Black Lotus (with Kevin Janssens).

Glory Kickboxing

We previously wrote this post about Glory 81 and the fight between Jamal Ben Saddik and Benjamin Adegbuyi, which took place in the summer of 2022. Now we know that it has not gone well for Jamal Ben Saddik… Of course we can see his hard way in Jamal’s movie, but it has also been announced that he has been suspended for fifteen months.

What we wrote below, we already wrote in August 2022 and therefore it is old news:

Glory 81: Saddik vs. Adegbuyi

Saturday, August 20, you can watch Glory 81 from Düsseldorf, Germany on VTM4 and Videoland starting at 8 pm is the live coverage of the fight between Jamal Ben Saddik and Benjamin Adegbuyi. Belgian-Moroccan Saddik and Romanian Adegbuyi met for the first time at Glory 62 in Rotterdam. Jamal Ben Saddik then fought the match with a broken arm and won by knockout against Adegbuyi.

Ben Sadik

Kickboxer Jamal Ben Saddik has been talked about a lot at the moment; he was supposed to participate in the new season of Code van Coppens in the Netherlands, but his participation has been cancelled. The reason: it is not stable around the kickboxer. In recent months, several attacks have been made on (things belonging to) his family. Jamal Ben Saddik previously said in the media that it has not interfered with his preparation for Glory 81 and his fight against Benjamin Adegbuyi. “Why should I be afraid? Everyone knows where I live,” AD headlines in late July.

Watch Glory on VTM4

You can watch Glory 81 between Saddik and Adegbuyi on August 20, 2022 from 8 pm to 11 pm on VTM4. Did you know that through the VTM Go app you can also watch live VTM channels and therefore also VTM4. In this way it is possible that the Dutch audience – without Videoland, but with a VPN connection (which is often cheaper per month than a streaming subscription) – you can still follow the fight.

Glory kickboxing in Videoland

Starting in August, all Glory kickboxing matches can be seen live on Videoland. On Saturday, August 20, Jamal Ben Saddik and Benjamin Adegbuyi, among others, will face off at Glory 81. Luis Tavares will also participate.

Glory 2022 in Videoland

Big applause Badr Hari against Alistair Overeem on October 8 at Clash 4; you can also watch this match on Videoland. VTM no longer broadcasts these matches.

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