Watch Richard Hammond Roast Influencers’ Cars From His Favorite Pub

Watch Richard Hammond Roast Influencers’ Cars From His Favorite Pub

In a recent segment on Richard Hammond’s popular show, “The Grand Tour,” the legendary British television presenter ventured to his favorite pub, The White Hart, to take on some of the most-talked-about cars driven by influencers. With the help of some of his most dedicated fans, Hammond was able to critique the vehicles while offering some of his signature wit and humor.

Hammond’s first review was of a car that he deemed “the most obvious and cringeworthy of the bunch”: an orange Lamborghini Huracan. His take? “It’s very fast, but it’s also a bit gauche and garish.”

The next car, an Audi R8, fared better in Hammond’s estimation. While he noted that the car was “a bit of a cliché,” he praised its performance and handling. However, he didn’t spare its “outrageously expensive” price tag.

The third car, a BMW M2 Competition, was given a more positive review. Hammond noted its “superb” power and “wonderfully balanced” chassis. He also made sure to point out that, despite its popularity in the influencer world, the car was “not just for show-offs.”

Finally, Hammond took on a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R. Though he admitted that the car was “fast and very impressive,” he found its styling a bit “overdone.”

The segment, which has been viewed by millions of viewers, was a reminder of Hammond’s unique ability to offer insightful and entertaining critiques of cars. It also showed that, even from the comfort of his favorite pub, Hammond can hold his own against the influencers.