Waterways: The three biggest tech trends and Waterways, Tesla and Coinbase

Waterways: The three biggest tech trends and Waterways, Tesla and Coinbase

Three big tech trends and Waterways, Tesla and Coinbase – and how they can change the world

New technology is always a part of our daily life. Starting with the light bulb, through the car, airplane to the iPhone and modern. But it has also become clear in recent years that technologies are now advancing faster than ever. There are many technologies that have the opportunity to completely change the world and our society.

Digitization brings a wide range of new technologies, which is also reflected in the German technology sector. More than 230 billion euros were exchanged in this in 2021, according to Deloitte’s study “The German Technology Industry”. According to this, the sector creates one million jobs in Germany. Key industries can be found in software, hardware and services. There are core technologies in almost every industry in the world. Three of the most exciting are listed below.

Intelligent irrigation systems with Waterways (ISIN: CA9411881043)

Smart Garden is a keyword that many people know. It’s about smart irrigation systems for the home garden. But intelligent irrigation systems are also of great importance in global agriculture. Water reserves are becoming increasingly scarce in the world, which is why the most important element for humans must be used carefully. Canadian Waterways, for example, offers intelligent irrigation systems on a large scale. The group manages the sustainable and efficient use of water. It can be assigned to the Agrotech branch and specializes in irrigation solutions used in many countries around the world. Waterways has been on the German stock market since 2021.

Driving autonomously with Tesla (ISIN: US88160R1014) and Mercedes-Benz (ISIN: DE0007100000)

A car without an accelerator and a steering wheel is hard to imagine today. But cars with an intelligent computer system that guides them in traffic already exist. The technology is not yet advanced enough that self-driving cars dominate the roads or are socially acceptable. But that seems to be only a matter of time. Automakers Tesla and Mercedes-Benz are pioneers in this development. The name Tesla stands for innovation and the German car company is rarely averse to new developments. The only question is which company will be the first to launch fully autonomous vehicles.

Blockchain Technology by Coinbase (ISIN: US19260Q1076) and CoinAnalyst (ISIN: CA19260U1084)

Blockchain technology was developed from the desire to facilitate the internet and sensitive data. It is a way to manage data securely and prevent cyber attacks. Therefore, they play an important role in the modern financial world, which may become more important in the coming years. Blockchain technology is often used in connection with cryptocurrencies. Stock companies like Coinbase and CoinAnalyst specialize in trading cryptos. The last group helps with analysis, Coinbase acts as a trading platform.

Man always faces new challenges. Modern and innovative technologies can help to know them – as it was years and decades ago. The good news: There is no shortage of exciting developments and techniques in all sectors.




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