WattEV orders 50 Volvo VNR Electric for its TaaS version

WattEV orders 50 Volvo VNR Electric for its TaaS version

Volvo Trucks North America has received an order from WattEV for 50 electric pickup trucks. The VNR Electric Vehicles will be offered by WattEV as part of a Truck-as-a-Service (TaaS) model in California and are expected to be delivered in the coming months.

The Volvo VNR Electric Model is designed as a sustainable transportation solution for local and regional distribution, collection and delivery, and food and beverage distribution. WattEV has opted for a six-battery pack option on ordered models, which creates a range of up to 275 miles and an increased energy storage of 565 kWh.

Volto Trucks had the next generation of its electric heavy duty truck in January this year submitted. Production of the upgraded model is said to begin in the second quarter of 2022. Orders have been possible since then.

WattEV’s TaaS model gives shippers and carriers access to battery electric trucks at the speed of km. Charging is also included. Total operating costs are comparable to those of diesel trucks, according to information from Volvo Trucks North America.

WattEV supports its TaaS model by building a public network of charging stations for battery-electric trucks. The most important transport routes should be served by shipping ports connected to cargo distribution centers and storage areas.

According to the news, the first public truck charging stations are already in Bakersfield, San Bernardino and near the port of Long Beach. They have 250 kW CCS chargers that can charge Volvo VNR Electric trucks up to 80 percent in 90 minutes. Aiming to provide 1.2 MW of charging capacity for faster charging in the future, WattEV also plans to expand its depots.


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Volvo Trucks is confident in WattEV’s approach to accelerating fleet electrification through its TaaS model. It aims to remove potential barriers to adoption, comments Peter Voorhoeve, President of Volvo Trucks North America. “This kind of innovative thinking is necessary to change the way the industry moves freight.”

At the same time, Volvo Trucks is expanding its network of authorized dealers for Volvo Trucks Electric Vehicles. In this way, the company wants to help its customers in the transition to electricity. Service teams there are trained and equipped to perform maintenance and repairs on battery powered trucks. The electrical parts of the VNR are also stored there.

According to the company, the network in the US currently includes authorized dealers in California, New York and Virginia, as well as Quebec, Canada. Further certification should be completed by the end of this year. The WattEV order was placed with TEC Equipment Fontana, which the company says is the first Volvo EV dealer certified in the U.S. to offer customers on-site charging stations.