We asked the prime minister if he has invited Lil Yachty to Poland.  There is an answer

We asked the prime minister if he has invited Lil Yachty to Poland. There is an answer

There are rumors on the Internet about plans to come to Poland with rapper Lil Yachty, who recorded the issue under the name. “Poland”. The American site “Hip Hop DX” has published a meme with an exchange between Pierre “Pee” Thomas, head of the label Quality Control Music and Mateusz Morawiecki. This was immediately apparent, but it took the Prime Minister’s Chancellor two days to officially answer the question of whether it was a fake.

Everyone who has visited social media in the past few days knows the song “Poland” has been. There are adaptations, there are TikToks, there are official and unofficial music videos. This song is slowly coming back to us, but with the honesty of journalists we couldn’t help but ask the Chancellor of the Prime Minister if the screenshots circulating on the internet showing the alleged invitation of the rapper are fake or not.

We secretly hoped that someone in the office would like to use the virus and hype that is creating Poland, but no. After two days of waiting, we finally got a short and unambiguous answer from the Government Information Center: “Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki did not speak with the head of the Quality Control label”. It’s sad … but it doesn’t mean that Lil Yachta won’t come to Poland. We officially invite you.

“Poland” status

“The nature of the song’s popularity is very simple – the chorus gets into your ears and after a few bars it inspires you to sing and sing under your breath for the whole day. Sometimes it’s enough to create a hit. just. one line, eight lines. Yachty raps about fighting with his demons (“The phone is still ringing, fighting all my demons”), hungry and in the play of words, he includes the TV series “Kenan and Kel” and Ken-Tec guns ” – he explains Maciej Wernio and adds an index:

Wok – abbreviation of the name of the pharmaceutical company that produces the drug that is an ingredient in the alcoholic drink used in the United States.

Leak – the situation in which a song goes on the Internet before its official release, often incomplete (without mixing with knowledge).

An angel – a term often used by commentators when evaluating Lil Yachty’s new single. There is no greater philosophy here, it is about the sublime and the sublime. The Polish equivalent would be angelic or heavenly.

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