“We don’t have all the answers”

“We don’t have all the answers”

(Motorsport-Total.com) – “The good thing is that the shape curve fluctuates over the course of the season,” says Ferrari chief engineer Jock Clear. In his opinion, however, it is not good: Ferrari can explain to a small extent how the results of the last few weeks happened. Above all, the sometimes huge gap between Red Bull and Max Verstappen still confounds the traditional Formula 1 team.

Just a small snapshot of the 2022 season: Ferrari ahead of Red Bull


A possible explanation for this: Ferrari may have made a mistake in the development of the F1-75 and possibly taken the wrong direction. But Wazi adamantly denies this theory, even though his team used the original limited edition version in Friday’s practice session at Monza.

There was no doubt whether the new expansion step was the best, but I just wanted to collect “reference data” to gain new technical knowledge, assures Clear’s chief engineer. Because his team had “a few question marks”.

“We just wanted to double-check it because it’s about all the details. That was good for our confidence. We learned what we wanted to know and then went back to the new bottom, which is the best version we have available,” he explains.

And: “We didn’t mean to [auf die alte Version] go back,” says Wazi. “Because the numbers say: the current package is working as it should work.”

Ferrari without a chance in Verstappen’s winning streak

But that is currently not enough against Red Bull and Verstappen, who have won the last five races and thus clearly separated themselves from Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc in the Formula 1 drivers’ standings. So much so that Verstappen could mathematically win the world title outright at the upcoming Grand Prix in the country Singapore.

Ferrari, on the other hand, must take tire performance, among other things. There will be no “tire wear problem,” says Clear. “There were only races where the tire wear was not good. But there were also races where we looked really good.” Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg, for example, Ferrari’s last victory of the year.

At the home race in Monza: Ferrari drives in yellow!

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In Hungary or Holland, on the other hand, Ferrari didn’t seem strong, and apparently didn’t quite find the “very good balance that you have to strike” there, according to Wazi. Or Belgium, where Ferrari did not stand a chance against Red Bull and “volume [zu Red Bull] he had lost a lot of momentum”, as Wazi put it.

Unanswered questions remain for Ferrari

These question marks remain: “We are really trying everything to know exactly what Red Bull could have done differently in recent races and what gave them an advantage. But if we knew that, we would have found the philosopher’s stone. Because something like that is difficult to discover. “

“Ask the teams that are good in the race or the teams that have fallen in the race. [Die individuelle Form von einem Rennen zum nächsten] it’s a real mystery to be solved. That’s why it’s not easy, but it’s very exciting for us and for you.”

According to Wazi, Ferrari “does not have all the answers” to his open questions and, above all, “still cannot really understand” the form in Business. “But we have a few methods and we’re working on them. Maybe we’ll get more insight later in the year. We’re always learning.”

“But nobody knows all the details because it’s a relative game and you never know what others are doing, so there are a lot of areas where you have to guess,” says Clear.

Why did Ferrari use the Monza package?

Ferrari deliberately chose the “Monza package” and did not want to use the same car specifications as Spa in the home race. But it wasn’t a PR measure, says Wazi: “We want to do our best in every race. That’s why we got the feeling that we need the Monza package.”

“Monza is of course a very important race for us, regardless of the rest of the season. It’s our home race and everyone wants to win a home race. Ferrari is no different. But of course we want to increase our chances in every race. We’ve got a feeling: To do so in Monza, you need the Monza package.”

Leclerc at least drove in a pole position. In that race, however, Verstappen in Red Bull raced again, although he had only started from P7 after the penalty.