We drove an Alfa Romeo Tonale with a new engine.  Diesel is still alive!

We drove an Alfa Romeo Tonale with a new engine. Diesel is still alive!

Alfa has only had the Stelvio and Giuliê in the lineup for five years. Successful designs, but without impressive sales results on the Old Continent. It’s a shame, because these are really refined designs, offering a lot of fun to drive. In addition, they are ranked high in reliability ratings. 2022 will be a success for Italians. There are new warranty conditions for a period of up to 5 years, as well as Tonale. A model that has already been warmly received. Poles have submitted about 700 orders so far, 50 of which were for diesel.

More interest in the high-pressure variant should come in a month, when the first copies will be delivered to dealers from the Vistula River. You can find more tests of new cars on the main website gazeta.pl.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA official

How is Tonale?

Alpha attracts with its appearance for years. One look at Tonale is enough to captivate you for a long time. The powerfully designed front end is enhanced by dynamic LED headlights. The Scudetto’s legendary triangular grille, available with a black or chrome rim, is successfully integrated between them. The rear is not forgotten, with an efficient light strip connecting the shades of the LED lights up front. Access to the cabin is ensured by a keyless system, which is standard equipment from the Sprint version.

Tonale measures 453 cm in length, which fits into the top forks of the premium compact class. The larger sizes are well covered by the popular graphic that gives the silhouette of the claws, as well as the 19 or 20 inch alloy wheels or the dark accessories in contrast to the body. The 264 cm wheelbase promises plenty of space in the cabin. Varnishes are also important. While in black the car is lost in the crowd, blue, red or green makes the best impression.

I drove the base Alfa Romeo Tonale for a week. And I liked it, but I don’t know either

Diesel time!

In the Stelvio and Giulia we find a diesel with a capacity of 2.2 liters and 210 HP. These are mid-range cars aimed at cash-rich customers, so it’s no surprise that there’s all-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic transmission. In Tonale, things are a little different. This is the first example in the history of concern to have electricity. Petrol engines with a capacity of 130 or 160 HP are connected to a 48 volt hybrid system, making a significant contribution to reducing fuel consumption. On electricity, we can, for example, do parking maneuvers or move at a constant, urban speed. We will not find such a solution internally dieselbut it is also not necessary. The familiar 1.6 JTD (MultiJet) with 130 HP and 320 Nm was placed under the hood. It accelerates to a hundred in 11.4 seconds and accelerates to 194 km / h.

The standard capacity does not announce the sensation of electricity from behind the wheel, but the parameters are sufficient for driving the car quite strongly in the city and on the highway. The engine runs great and is sound proofed. No noticeable vibrations are transferred to the cabin, although during the morning start you can pick up a slight, albeit pleasant, knocking sound. We will get used to it quickly. It disappears after heating the unit after a few kilometers.

The diesel was mated to a 6-speed torque converter. There is no alternative in the form of a manual gearbox and that is good. This solution ensures exceptional smooth operation and smooth operation. The mechanism shows its weakness only in the maneuver of power, when the gear changes gear 2. We must have a moment of patience. On the other hand, flexibility is good for us, and it must be remembered that we are dealing with an SUV weighing around 1.7 tons.

Gas response is satisfactory. The engine loses power after exceeding 140 km / h, but it is still a good push for the speed indicator to climb the next row of the dial. On the highway, we will appreciate the acoustic comfort. The stability and less chance of crosswinds are also good. Most interesting, however, is the combustion. No combination will produce such long-range results. Setting the maximum highway speed, the computer will show 6.5 to 6.7 liters. We take the national road and the demand drops to 4.2-4.5 l In the city it is difficult to exceed 7.5 l This means that we will forget about adding fuel for many days. The tank has 55 liters, and after filling the tank to full volume, the on-board computer will show a distance of more than 1000 km!

Designers also put a lot of work into adjusting the suspension. The focus was on driving pleasure. This is easy to see on hilly roads. Alfa is agile (11.6 m in turning radius), and the dimensions are easy to feel. The automatic operating system allows you to perform powerful maneuvers with confidence. It is emphasized by spring suspension and a small body column. Swallowing the turn sequence is a lot of fun. However, you should check the balance. The car, mounted on 20-inch rims, has little trouble with pieces of asphalt and transverse obstacles. Then it can be easily shaken, but it does not make unpleasant, meaningless noises.

Pleasant aura in the cabin

Although the Alpha is structurally closely related to the Jeep Compass, it’s hard to find similarities, aside from space. The spacious cabin can accommodate four tall people. Seats with dynamic profiles can have electric adjustment and memory settings. It is a pity that the Italians did not put them down a little. In the second row there is plenty of space in front of the knees, at shoulder height and above the head for people with a height of 180 cm. The trunk holds from 500 to 1550 liters. It has two floors and useful hooks, for example for hanging shopping bags. The Alfa class is also confirmed by the different design of the devices, their high quality and good fit.

The tasteful interior isn’t just sports seats and a low-slung steering wheel. These are a lot of fun in the form of an engine control connected to the steering wheel, as well as a selector for the mode of rotation of the car. We can choose Standard, Strong and Advanced Efficiency. Differences in individual modules are felt, which only improves cooperation with the car. On board you’ll also find an inductive charger and a built-in multimedia with a 10.25-inch screen. We control the features by touch or voice. The setting is based on Android. We can customize freely.

A reasonable offer

The price list of Alfa gasoline starts from less than PLN 160 thousand. This is how much we will pay for the 1.5 version with 130 HP and 240 Nm. Diesel costs about the same, giving more Newton meters (320). Although such a car has been regulated recently, it will be with us for a long time. Due to the parameters, it performs better during elasticity tests and high load on the board. In the city, it uses the same fractions of fuel, but it turns out to be invincible on the road. For this it has been silent. This can be a good driver of higher prices at the stations.

Besides, Alfa is very easy to impress. It has an unusual style, expressive character and works well on hilly roads. However, he is not a master of direct parts, where 2-liter diesel engines from German stables are better. If the 130 HP diesel is not enough, we can wait for the plug-in hybrid. It will have a power of about 275 KM and a range of 60 km per channel. It’s only in a few months.