We go to work more often by bike, but the car remains popular

We go to work more often by bike, but the car remains popular

During the corona crisis, many were suddenly forced to work from home. Now that Holland no longer has any restrictions, this can also be seen in the number of trips we make (by car). If it is a turn out National Traveler Survey published by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Although we are going to work more, working from home is here to stay. On average, the Dutch worked at home 1.1 days a week last year. During the corona epidemic in 2021 this was 1.4 days and before corona it was 0.8 days.

We go to work more often

So we often go to work by car, but relatively we drive less to work than before. The total number of trips by bike, car and public transport increased by 7.5 million times per week compared to 2021. The number of car trips increased by only 14 percent. The number of bicycle trips to work increased by 17 percent and public transport showed an increase of almost 30 percent. These percentages are the result of the lifting of corona measures, the study shows. Bicycles are used for four out of ten passenger journeys of a maximum of 7.5 km. That is more than years before corona.

The electric car is not very popular among used car buyers

Cycling can reduce traffic congestion. However, the problem of traffic in the Netherlands is serious. Traffic on the highway was only 1 percent less than before corona. The pressure of traffic (delay times the length of traffic) decreased significantly. This was 20 percent less in 2022 than in 2019.

The car remains loved by many

Research shows that the car is still the preferred choice for many people. This is because they are unwilling or unable to use alternative means of transport such as cycling or public transport. a car then is the only option

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We go to work more often by bike, but the car remains popular