“We need more respect for the environment”

“We need more respect for the environment”

Bologna, 3 June 2023 – Little by little more than a year since Tocca a Noi, the pacifist concert organized in Piazza Maggiore by the Lista Representative after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Paolo Benvegnu returns to Bologna to put his heart, voice and guitar at his disposal Beyond the Clouds, a marathon to raise money for Romagna’s flooded residents taking place June 8 at Sequoie Music Park. “Emilia and Romagna are the lands that I love the most because, despite their diversity, they have unlimited horizons and the people who live with them have a long-term perspective on the world” admits the former leader of Scisma, who will get almost twenty. – five colleagues included The welfare state , Ex-Otago , Willie Peyote , Get up , already ANMARIA , Giusy Ferreri , Ollie , Omar Pedrini , Today Gassman , Extra line . “I was surprised by the events of the last few weeks, because every time nature overcomes all human logic, the question should be asked why we do not just live on the planet, but we claim to rule by setting the conditions for certain disasters.”.

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What will you offer to the public besides music?

“My colleagues and I will testify on stage, stressing the importance of respecting the environment. Also because I don’t feel different from a tree or a wolf. So I feel proud to be able to attend this festival to help, but also give respect to those who are no longer there and those who have suffered great damage because of events.”

In the last ep Just flowers describes Italy as the country of “pornography” where ignorance is guaranteed. Head start, don’t you think?

“I love our country, but I have never noticed how much it loses its magic to focus on ‘usefulness’ and ‘performance’ by aligning itself with the financial needs of British and American capitalism. And, without magic, love turns into pornography.”.

In the midst of many difficulties, however, there is a chance for a duet of There is nothing else where he asks Malika Ayane to defend herself from her “uncertain thoughts”.

“Even here magic has something to do with it. What, indeed, is more delightful and sublime than the awakening of two lovers in the same room, of the continuous discovery of mutual secrets. To me it was a wonderful honor that a interpreter as great as Malika restrained this feeling by singing like a goddess.”

You have recently collaborated with Marlene Kuntz, Pierpaolo Capovilla, Petra Magoni, Massimo Zamboni and others also in the Resistance project. At night the stars guide us .

“In honor of Liberation, I contributed an unpublished work inspired by the Cervi Brothers and the freedom of the animal whose surname binds them”.

By the way, on the occasion of Liberation Day, did it interest you to hear people say it should be called Independence Day?

“It made me think of the ‘different’ narratives that the chapters of our country’s history sometimes stumble upon that should make us proud. I think it’s a big mistake to play with words to avoid saying that April 25 is a big. holiday of ‘anti-fascism. Above all and class administration that became so based on the constitution founded on those values”.