“We need to know where we stand”

“We need to know where we stand”

(Motorsport-Total.com) – All the teams that brought new parts to Silverstone had a limited chance to get to know them as the first session of free practice and qualifying took place on the ramp. Aston Martin also lost time in the dry due to body problems.

With the new upgrade package on the Aston Martin, there are still a few unanswered questions


The biggest challenge at the Red Bull Ring is that it’s a short race weekend, so teams can only use FT1 to find a working set-up before qualifying on Friday.

It’s not ideal, but Aston Martin Team Principal Mike Krack insists that the team needs to know more about the capabilities of the latest package, not only for the weekend in Austria and the upcoming races, but also to help plan for next season.

“That is very important because you know where we are in the championship. And we have to carefully consider the costs of the upgrade with the AMR23.”

Planning for the second half of the season and 2023

“So it will be very important and very important to know where we stand. And then of course to clarify what we can achieve with the package we have. Or what further steps we need to take.”

When asked if the cost cap is the motivation to invest in improvements now or postpone until 2023, Krack says, “Yes, it’s as simple as that. Continuity helps. And that’s why next year’s rule change is absolutely unnecessary. .”

“Let’s say we get an improvement and we can’t afford it anymore, then we have to postpone it until next year. But on the contrary, if you can still afford it, you take something that you keep now with you next year, with the change in the law you can’t.”

Looking back at the British Grand Prix, the team boss admits that, as well as the rain, the low mileage in FT2 due to mud problems made life difficult for Aston to set the car to the new track.

“On Friday we had weather problems in the first session and in the second session we had reliability problems. We had the cars in the garage for a long time because we had to repair part of the floor. So there was no real knowledge on Friday ,” Krack agrees.

Aston Martin is surprisingly weak in the rain

Another difficult qualifying session in the rain followed on Saturday, after also having problems in Montreal. What was it this time? “It has a bit to do with understanding the car,” explains the team boss.

“Just to give you an example, when you have this extreme fraud, it completely hits the tires. It completely changes the way you keep the car – in the dry and in the wet. And there are areas that we need to understand, the effects that we don’t see.”

“We’ve had a few races where we were really strong in the rain. And now we’ve had two sessions where we weren’t. To be honest, we still don’t understand that,” admits Krack, looking on. Montreal and Silverstone.